Dazzling new website for Drakes Jewellers

Drakes Jewellers are located in Plymouth and were established 70 years ago. In March 1950 Drakes opened their doors for the first time selling beautiful jewellery and watches to people of Plymouth and beyond. Drakes is popular in Plymouth and over the years has taken some prominent locations across the city including Cornwall Street, New George Street, Raleigh Street and now situated in Drakes Circus Shopping Centre. From the start of trading until the present day the company’s ethos and values have remained the same.

GSL have been fortunate to work with Drakes for many years. From building to maintaining their online ecommerce store. Whilst their previous website served them well, it became dated, and it was time for a refresh to give them a modern site and new aesthetic. The new website has been implemented with amazing designs by MyKreative. Working in a collaborative partnership the Drakes website has been transformed! Some of the major changes to the website include the full width display moving away from the less modern narrow layout. The website now includes a new font and white space to create a clean and brighter look. Large imagery and product shots help to highlight the jewellery without added distractions. The layout is simple yet effective helping Drakes to drive enquiries and sales. 

The UX has been carefully considered throughout the website build and content fill. Presenting the user with bright and large hero images to give a visual of the jewellery from first click onto the homepage. Displaying the products and strong call to action points to guide the users around the website and to browse through the collections and catch the attention more quickly. GSL have created custom product pages and functionality which makes Drake’s website unique from its competition and refines the process of checkout and enquiries from both a customer perspective and managerial roles in the backend of the site.