New Year, Same GSL.

New Year, Same GSL.

Welcome back! Happy New Year. Today marks our first day back to work after the festive break. Whilst we have had a wonderful time relaxing and celebrating we are eager to get back to the grind and back in touch with clients. We are excited to jump into new projects, gain new skills and to keep on growing in 2021.

Whilst 2020 was a challenging year GSL have adapted to our new working environments from home. All the while we have a brand new office waiting for us! We can’t wait to be reunited working from our new studio space once it is safe to do so. Plumer House is well equipped with the social distancing markers , one way system and sanitising stations throughout the building. So when we are back we look forward to welcoming clients into the new GSL HQ. Until then we are communicating online through video chat platforms so we can stay safe and still get that face to face communication with both our colleagues and clients.

As a welcome back we would like to bring you some of our tips for getting back into work after the festive break. Whilst we are fortunate to love what we do , we know that there is a struggle to bounce back into the (at home) office after the holiday.

  1. Organise and eat well

Our first top tip is to have a good meal the night before , make sure you have the right ingredients for a substantial breakfast and milk for your tea/ coffee. Take the evening / night before as a chance to unwind try to get to bed at a reasonable hour and read something to relax and drift off.

  1. Be kind to yourself

Its your first week back so take it easy, take your lunch breaks and enjoy your time out of office once you sign off for the day.

  1. Book a meeting with your inbox

Take some time to tackle your inbox, organise your emails by deleting and prioritising your responses

  1. Create new goals

Make a list of things you want to achieve for the week. Using this list you can set priorities for the days ahead

  1. Declutter

Clear your workspace so you can start fresh. Tidy away your old documents and declutter.

  1. Look ahead to what you enjoy working on

Working with colleagues, tasks you enjoy and learning new skills

Need to get in touch with GSL? Email or call our office line 01752 395600