Tons Of Tiles
Magento eCommerce


TOT is a Plymouth based company that focus predominately on selling tiles for house renovations. Their customer base is both trade and end user and their revenue is purely web based. Although the company are situated in the southwest they are a national contender in the tile market place. When GSL began developing a relationship with the company, it was evident that their previous eCommerce solution was causing a number of issues that needed to be addressed. The original TOT website was built on a bespoke eCommerce package. The ownership and flexibility to move the system was restricted and there were concerns about the future of the company.

After sign off of design the development process began. There was a requirement for product navigation to be available by both type and style. GSL devised an option to enter products via these two paths and offer further filtration at category level. One of the company’s biggest means of conversions is samples. Originally these samples were only available on the product page, meaning a customer had to visit individual tile pages to make an order. GSL reduced a navigation step by adding an order sample button at category level. A customer can now order multiple samples when browsing product. This implementation directly improved conversion. Sample orders increased and the company improved processes to increase conversion into sales. The store required a tile calculator. This custom tool was created in house and works seamlessly within Magento. It allows a customer to enter dimension and calculates meter squares along with the amount of tiles required. This calculation dynamically updates your order and the costing. GSL’s video production team also created a unique animation that explains the difficult delivery process and returns procedure. This offers the customer an easy way to digest important information and is featured on every product page to ensure maximum exposure.

Tons Of Tiles

We have used GSL for a number of years now and find both Gavin and Ben very profesional. The relationship with them is more of a partnership than just a one off build your website and off you go. I would highly recommend them. 

Mark Pitman