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Website design & development

High-performance, scalable websites which boost your business and support its journey.

Website design & development

We've been heavily involved in website design and development since 2010, creating everything from single-page sites to ecommerce platforms with multi-million pound turnovers.

What we think

Website design is about more than a pretty online shop front. Really good web design blends good looks with technical dexterity to deliver an experience that’s a joy from the start to the finish of the user journey. Too much of one and not enough of the other can result in imbalance and a poor user experience.

What we do

Our creative website designers work with our technical developers from the off. It’s no good delivering finished designs to a developer if all the practicalities haven’t played a part from the start.

By balancing brains and beauty, this team comprising programmers, designers, marketing experts and UX architects has produced some exceptional websites that deliver amazing online experiences.

Our design and build projects almost always involve the following steps:

    • Setting out your goals
    • Research, research, research (and then probably a bit more research)
    • Initial design ideas
    • Finding the words – copywriting and content creation
    • Creating wireframes
    • Development of initial ideas for interface design
    • Production of grids and templates
    • User testing with prototypes and validation
    • Website development: both front and back ends
    • Framework construction and CMS
    • Integration with social networks
    • Integration of your CRM and any automated marketing
    • Preparation for search marketing
  • Integration of your existing databases and systems
  • Testing, testing, testing (and then probably a bit more testing)
  • Version control
  • Final delivery

And this journey doesn’t just apply to websites. Digital desires: you name it, we do it:

      • Branded online experiences
      • Innovative campaign ideas
      • Complete website design packages including portals, intranets and extranets
      • Tailored software
      • Responsive website design to adapt to different devices and screen
      • App development – native and hybrid
      • Game design and development
      • Development and design of Facebook apps

What’s happening?

If it’s digital and you don’t know where to start, put us to task. Need a little inspiration? Take a look through our portfolio and case studies (including video examples) to see what we’ve achieved for others. It could provide that spark you need to get things off the ground.

Plus it’ll demonstrate that we’re as good as our word.

Design is only partially about looks and feeling