A site with an impact

May 9, 2022

Vision Zero is a collaborative project between several organisations across Devon and Cornwall.  The one thing they all share is a commitment to cut the number of deaths and serious injuries in the region to zero. Vision Zero’s ambition is to cut road deaths and serious injuries to zero by 2040 – and to reduce current numbers by 50% by 2030.


GSL have worked with Vision Zero to create a standout site which would really make an impact. They needed a website to clearly inform their visitors about their vision and the steps they are making to achieve their end goal. The website explores key themes and road users who are at risk using roads in Devon and Cornwall. Vision Zero wanted a modern and innovative website which could both stand out and clearly convey their powerful message.

Interested in finding out more about Vision Zero – Go check out their new website here https://visionzerosouthwest.co.uk/

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