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Online selling has seen one of the biggest changes out of all retail sectors in recent years. The importance of competitive edge is a challenge that should consistently be reviewed. 

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Year on year, online spending just keeps growing. To get a piece of the action, you need a scalable, functional, attractive eCommerce website. 


One of the most important factors is that you review any change you are making against conversion. This can be reviewed with tools that allow you to track activity. Every change needs to be quantified.

Road Blocks

Having the right development partner to grow your website is important. Check your chosen provider has the right skill set to cover at least a 5 year plan of growth.


Having the right knowledge for your online solution is important. For example, have you covered PCI compliance when selling online?


A website is like any other business asset; you should own it! There are lease car style solutions out there, for example Shopify, but bear in mind these have less value and control. It is important to understand where your intellectual property lies.


It is paramount to have ongoing support to lean on so that you can have changes, fixes, and updates implemented swiftly. It may also be important to you to have flexibility for you or your team to make edits internally.

Moving or Growing eCommerce

Moving into eCommerce – or improving your existing presence – can be a treacherous journey and there are many aspects that need to be considered. You need a team which understands how customers think and how they behave online; people with great ideas and the skills to breathe life into them. Below are some important points to consider regarding your eCommerce website design.

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The right choice

Magento and WooCommerce are popular choices for building ecommerce websites because of their flexibility, scalability, and customisation options, as well as their open-source nature and strong community support. Of course, there are other solutions, but these two being the most popular means integration such as payment gateways are typically developed for these as a priority.

Magento and WooCommerce are the most popular choices for eCommerce where you want to have a physical asset that you own. Unlike solutions such as Shopify, you control where your website is hosted therefore you control the cost, as your website is not governed by one company.


Magento 2 is a complex but widely used solution. Its fair to say that the system can handle a serious volumes of orders. One of its main advantages is its multi store capabilities where you might want more than one shopfront pulling from the same back end product data. This also means one route for things like order management.


WooCommerce is becoming a more popular solution because the development fees are significantly cheaper to Magento. It can also handle a large selling operation. There is also a greater amount of flexibility in making edits. The platform benefits from all WordPress features so things like blogging are already built in.


Vue.js can be bolted onto either WooCommerce or Magento and allows for a super slick and fast customer facing approach. The site is stripped back of anything that may hinder load speeds. The implementation adds to the bottom line cost of development but offers serious advantages in exposure, ranking, and speed.

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Website design and development / animation production

Ecommerce, Portals, Websites, WooCommerce

Delivering luxury door hardware for bespoke and high-end residential, commercial and yacht projects.

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WooCommerce Design & Development

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Electric profiling, mobility and medical bed & cot specialists

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Saxton Blades has been supplying a comprehensive range of quality replacement blades for tools to customers throughout the UK for over 12 years.

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StairFurb is one of the leading UK manufacturer & supplier of DIY glass staircase refurbishment kits.

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5 Models of eCommerce Explained

Business to Consumer

Typically abbreviated to B2C, this is the most common form of ecommerce selling where the transaction is between the business and consumer.

Business to Business

Known as B2B selling, this is where businesses sell directly to businesses. Typically this is referred to as a trade site, where sales might be behind a login. Trade portals can also be added to B2C websites.

Consumer to Consumer

C2C sales are people that sell as individuals. This would typically be someone selling on channels such as eBay, Amazon and Facebook Marketplace, for example.

Consumer to Business

C2B eCommerce is when an individual sells their offering to a business or company. This could be, for example, a freelancer selling services, or an individual product manufacturer selling products to a business.

Direct to Consumer

D2C is typically referring to a brand selling direct to the consumer. This position of direct selling for brands is becoming more popular due to wholesalers becoming involved in price wars.

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It’s not just about creating an online shop. Since we started building eCommerce sites in 2002, we’ve become experts in all the crucial ingredients that go into eCommerce success. In fact, we’ve helped numerous clients become multi-million pound online retailers.


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Having a functioning eCommerce website is great, but what else can you do to save time?

Integrations are paramount to a successful business operation. Websites are capable of selling via multiple channels such as eBay and Amazon. Additionally, you can blend your platform with your existing accounting and order management systems including Sage, Xero, third-party warehousing and in-house ERP systems.

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