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Create a pleasant, functional eCommerce environment for your customers. It’s the least they (and you) deserve.


Year on year, online spending just keeps growing. To get a piece of the action, you need a scalable, functional, attractive eCommerce website. And that’s our speciality.

What we think

Moving into eCommerce – or improving your existing presence – can be a treacherous journey if you put the job in the wrong hands. You need a team which understands how customers think and how they behave online; people with great ideas and the skills to breathe life into them; true experts in user experience.  You need GSL Media.

What we do

It’s not just about creating an online shop. Since we started building eCommerce sites in 2002, we’ve become experts in all the crucial ingredients that go into eCommerce success. In fact, we’ve helped numerous clients become multi-million pound online retailers.

In 2016 alone, GSL Media clients collectively processed more than £30,000,000 worth of sales and some 50,000 transactions.

We work with leading software such as Magento and WordPress (as well as employing our own, bespoke platforms) to create flexible, scalable eCommerce websites that are capable of selling via multiple channels such as eBay and Amazon. Additionally, we know how to blend this software with your existing systems including Sage, Xero, third-party warehousing and in-house ERP systems. We know the importance of delivering a system which slots right in.

What’s happening?

Is it looking like the prime time to take your sales online? It could be that your existing online shop just isn’t delivering the kinds of leads and conversions that you’d hoped for. Or perhaps you’ve been trading on other online marketplaces and you’re ready to go it alone.

Whatever stage you’re at, we’ll focus on your product, customers and current sales methods to pinpoint exactly how eCommerce should look in your environment. With a blend of creative nouse and practical application, we’ll produce an eCommerce presence that’s designed to have a huge impact on that all-important bottom line.