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Technical Services

Customers want something that looks great and need something that works perfectly.

The finest developers

Maurice Saatchi said: “Simplicity is the outcome of technical subtlety” and we agree wholeheartedly. We won’t blind you with science, but you know you’re in safe, expert hands with our technical team.

What we think

We all know that today’s digital customer is impatient. One iffy glitch in your website or app and they’re gone, probably to your direct competitor.

That’s why we’ve recruited only the finest developers to our team. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or groundbreaking your digital product is, if it doesn’t work, it can damage your brand beyond repair.

What we do

If there’s a technical rule, our developers comply with it. In order to get – and stay – ahead online, you have to know how to behave. So when it comes to clever coding, keeping search engines happy and extensive testing and debugging, our techtastic team is your project’s best friend. And, if required, our graphic designers can stay involved throughout to make sure the finished product has that all-important visual appeal.

There’s a strict timeline involved in developing any successful digital product. It starts, as all great things do, with an idea. But the crucial steps for this team lie towards the end: testing, testing, testing.

Our process involves debugging your business operations, too. So if there’s an area which our systems could streamline or we spot a way in which you could overhaul your processes, we’ll let you know about it.

We use a whole host of carefully selected systems to help us deliver our technical products based on the best solution for the job. For eCommerce sites, content management systems and CRM facilities, our team is well-versed in a wide range of systems including Magento, WordPress stores, our own bespoke platforms and more.

If we’re at the helm of an email marketing campaign, we employ proven services such as Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp and other intelligent software so that we can let you know how it’s performing. It’s all about the tools and know-how here at GSL Media. We use our expertise to recommend a complete technical solution so that we never have to say ‘no’ to an idea.

What's Happening?

Is your current site a ball and chain to your ambitions of growth? Perhaps your app idea is keeping you awake at night but you’re not sure how to pull it off. It could be that you’re looking for a system that’ll remove all the headaches involved in your sales processes.

Our creative, nimble-fingered developers are experts when it comes to fault finding, problem solving and delivering a product that works smoothly – not a hiccup in sight. So you can be confident that when they’re finished, your product will rest on a seamless system of clever cogs.

Anatomy of website creation


First we think. Then, we identify how we will create your website. Then we plan


We build a structure. A wire-frame. It shows the navigation, organisation and a layout of your site. We are almost ready to start building!

Effective Content
Targeted Graphics
Social Media Integration
A little something 'extra'
SEO Tools

Create & Build

Here are some of the ingredients we use to create effective websites.


We analyse the stats. We correct and maintain the website to improve the results. We continue to do this again, and again.

Maintenance & Support

The Life-cycle of your website does not end at launch. Here are some of our methods of nurturing your website to success.

Content Maintenance
Backend Updates
Social Marketing

Increase Traffic & Generate Sales

Making use of marketing strategies that will work best for your website and audience.

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