Top Tips for Writing Website Content

April 7, 2022

• Keyword search for SEO – tells you what topics Google (and your audience) finds relevant. It illuminates your competitors’ content strategy and highlights the strengths and weaknesses in your own. And it allows you to optimize individual articles and your content strategy as a whole to bring in more traffic.

• Do not overuse the keyword – Keywords are a means to make your content valuable, readable and search-friendly. But when you start cramming in keywords, it does the exact opposite. A page stuffed with keywords looks dubious and untrustworthy — to both Google and human readers. Your conversion rate and SERPs rankings go down, along with your pageviews. Readers start to see it as a low-quality page and bounce quickly, and over time search engines slap down your domain.

• Spelling and punctuation – We suggest that you proof read your content, and make sure it is checked for errors as this may reflect badly on the business.

• Writing style – You should ensure that your web copy is powerful, direct and punchy. Sentence structure, word choice and style need to emphases action.

• Keep it simple – you should ensure that your text is kept short five lines per paragraph to break up large chunks of txt is more likely to keep the attention span of a reader.

• Update your links – linking other pages on your site boosts SEO and will give reader useful information, help increase page views and the time that they are spending on the site.

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