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The Challenge. is a well-established provider of beds and other healthcare products in the UK. However, the company’s initial website was informational only, and there had been a big drive in the industry with companies selling online putting them at a disadvantage compared to their competitors. The website needed to be brough inline to offer a sales functionality as well as advance the exposure and offering to the customer. There was also a lack of presentational data to best sell the product. One of the main challenges that faced was offering a solution that was easy to use for an older demographic. When incorporating ecommerce, options of selection for beds needed to be visual and easy to understand.

The Solution.

GSL Media built a modern, mobile-friendly website that allows the flexibility to edit and grow their online presence in-house. The new website is built on WooCommerce, a platform that the team was already familiar with, and it offers a fresh and contemporary design that reflects the quality and care that the company puts into its products. The intuitive product page function allows a customer to configure a product whilst seeing a product image dynamically change based on configuration options. The product pages have fixed information where Bakare fills in the data in a templated form as well as the flexibility of a more diverse page builder to create custom page graphics. This suited the inhouse skill of the company. There is added function allowing a Vat relief at checkout as well as a display of case studies and blog posts in which the client are very active with. Now the site features implementations to allow Bakare to promote through Google shopping and other marketing channels to capitalise on the marketing opportunities that sync with the platform.

The Results.

Since the launch of the new website, has seen significant improvements in business performance. Traffic to the website has increased by 000%, sales revenue has increased by 000%, and there has been a 000% increase in users. The new website has allowed to improve its online presence and has also given them more control over their online marketing.

Image Renders

As part of their work on the Bakare project, GSL Media was tasked with creating a seamless image switching experience for the range of beds on offer. To achieve this, they created unique product image renders that accurately represented the products and provided customers with multiple views of each bed.

GSL Media’s team of skilled designers worked closely with Bakare to understand their products and brand aesthetic, ensuring that the images were consistent with the company’s overall visual identity. They utilized their expertise in lighting, composition, and editing to produce high-quality renders that showcased the unique features of each bed.

The resulting image switching feature on the Bakare website provides customers with a comprehensive view of each bed, allowing them to make informed purchasing decisions. The high-quality product images also enhance the overall visual appeal of the website, contributing to a positive user experience.

A Word From The Client



We approached GSL Media to rebrand and rebuild our Bakare Beds E-Commerce website. Delighted with the result. Using an experienced and professional agency obviously costs more than getting a friend or freelancer to do it on the cheap, but within a week of launch, the sales and leads generated have covered the cost of the build. Seamless launch with no hassle. If you’re ambitious about taking your E-Commerce store to the next level, would have no hesitation in recommending them. – Steve Bakare


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