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Website design and development / animation production

The Challenge.

In the heart of Cornwall, Rodda’s have been making clotted cream for over 130 years that is renowned throughout the United Kingdom. Whilst their cream was world class their web presence was falling some way behind! A fragmented and disjointed system had evolved over time with an out-of-date, non responsive website and a separate old code styled eCommerce platform that was not on brand and performing poorly on presentation and sales. Both websites were also difficult for the team to manage and update.

Rodda’s needed a new combined website reflecting new branding and the correct product offering, allowing the business to capitalise on an increase in direct eCommerce sales.

The Solution.

GSL worked closely with Rodda’s on a comprehensive re-design into a single website. This included an overhaul to the recipe system, incorporating flexibility to update the content and product listings easily and quickly, and a more efficient eCommerce function.

GSL also created a portal for shareholders and trade customers, which has given the Rodda’s administrators clear and concise control of amends and management content.

GSL have subsequently also been commissioned to create a series of video animations that have been used on the website and for global marketing campaigns. GSL have been able to follow concise brief guidelines to produce results that exceed the client expectations. These videos have been used for Rodda’s social marketing campaigns and have achieved a significant ROI.

The Results.

GSL were able to follow concise brief guidelines to produce results that have exceeded the client expectations. The website is now very modern, responsive, and fun, truly reflecting the brand and its rich heritage whilst improving the user experience. The site successfully guides the user across the rich history of Rodda’s and provides easy to digest information on their products and current events.

The new website has also significantly improved a range of business KPI’s since its launch:

  • 53% increase in users
  • Average page visits up 300% from 1.1 to 3 pages
  • Sales revenue increase of 102%

From an operational perspective, business processes are more streamlined and controlled, with the internal marketing team having the flexibility to make changes. Roddas also now have an outsourced digital partner in GSL, to generate on-brand marketing videos that complement their marketing strategy.

Animation Production

Creating an animation for Rodda’s Clotted Cream’s social media was an exciting project that required careful planning and execution. The goal was to create a short, eye-catching animation that would showcase the brand’s delicious clotted cream and its versatility in a fun and engaging way.

After receiving the concept, we began sketching out the storyboard, deciding on the key scenes and visual elements that would bring the animation to life.

Once the storyboard was finalised, we moved on to creating the actual animation. We used specialised software to create each frame of the animation. We also added sound effects and music to enhance the viewer’s experience.

After completing the animation, we reviewed it several times to ensure that it met the brand’s standards and effectively communicated its message. We then shared the final product on Roddas Clotted Cream’s social media channels, receiving positive feedback from the brand’s followers and customers.

Overall, creating an animation for Roddas Clotted Cream’s social media was a fun and rewarding project that allowed us to showcase our creativity and expertise in visual storytelling.

A Word From The Client



GSL have delivered a website that gives the correct much needed presentation against our brand. The system they have developed is easy to use and manage and our web orders dramatically increased from our previous position. GSL always go above and beyond to give us support and dedicated time to discuss development and ideas. Their ongoing support and turn around is absolutely brilliant and refreshing. We feel they grasp the importance of our brand and work with us at a professional and diligent level to improve its position.


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