Challenge Trophies

High spec E-commerce website selling trophies and awards across the UK and Ireland

The Challenge.

GSL worked with Challenge Trophies to bring their visions to life and create a brand new fully functionally, high spec E-commerce website selling trophies and awards across the UK and Ireland.GSL worked alongside the team at Challenge Trophies on this exciting website project to create a responsive design scaling to mobile and tablet users with modern styling. GSL assisted Challenge Trophies to import products and images from the old website. GSL has created a streamlined one-page customer checkout with the integration of payment gateway Stripe.

The Solution.

This project included custom functionality for Challenge Trophies to offer their customers an impressive ‘Customisation Hub’ where users can pick and choose engraving and personalisation options. The new customisation step streamlines the entire product customisation process mitigating the previous inconsistency and issues that lie with the old website. GSL ensured that a customer is following a consistent process for any product or customisation option.

The Results.

Challenge Trophies now has a modern and responsive website working well across all viewports from desktop down to the smallest mobile screens without compromising the user function and apperance. The website is easy to navigate with clear routes to category helping the customer to refine their search. On product view users have the option to create personalisation to their awards including switching up the colours, metal types and engraving options.

A Word From The Client



I can’t speak highly enough of my experience having worked with GSL for the last 5 months on our new e-commerce website project. They demystified the process, they were intuitive, creative and were always available to discuss any part of the process with us. Most importantly I’m delighted with the website they created. Going live can often be a stressful time, but with them it was anything but that. I’ve worked with many developers in the past, but GSL showed me qualities I haven’t seen before. Excellent all round.

Neil Seymour

Managing Director


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