Cut Plastic Sheeting

Website Design & Development

The Challenge.

Cut Plastic Sheeting offer cut to size material ordering of wood, acrylics, metal, etc. The previous website was built on a custom solution where the intellectual property was owned by the development company who also worked on a commission basis of every sale. CPS wanted control and ownership of their solution and to bring it in line with their other four websites operating on a WooCommerce solution.

CPS were also frustrated with the existing platform because it provided very limited scope for any editing, which meant they were forced to move at the speed of the provider rather than what they needed to, to optimise sales. As a result, they required a rebuild, to allow for better editing capability to increase business efficiency.

The Solution.

GSL redeveloped the existing design by migrating it to WooCommerce, a self-owned solution. The redesign is to come later in 2023.

The website had to create an environment that was applicable for both B to C and B to B customers. A specific trade area was created allowing for discount savings, easy re-ordering, and document reviewing. Any customer can configure a material based on elements for example, size, colour, shape, and volume. Configuration rules and setup can also vary dependant on product.

There is a GSL custom checkout to simplify the customer purchasing process and capture emails at the initial stage for remarketing. The website also integrated in the clients custom EFACS system (ERP Software), along with other third-party solutions surrounding marketing.

The Results.

In the transition all url structure was protected to retain historic search engine ranking. The website is seeing sales improvements since the launch as well as a good increase trade application. The integrations improve staff time, and the flexibility allows the internal marketing team to make content and product changes without relying solely on GSL. The remarketing has massively improved with the email checkout capturing function and the bespoke enquiry email linkage.

The new website has also improved business performance since its launch.

– 52% Growth in trade applicants – Traffic increased by 98% – Sales revenue increased by 20%

A Word From The Client



Our main aim with the redevelopment of this site was to move to a system that gave us ownership and control and GSL have made that switch a realty for us. Our team can manage this website far more effectively since the transition. We are looking forward to further advancements to this website with an upcoming reskin of the design. Based on GSL’s work on our other websites we are looking forward to the results

Jack Minot


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