Motion Graphics

The Tons of Tiles delivery video was a bespoke animation created to accompany the companies high end Magento. The store operates as the main platform, for on-line sales. When selling a dedicated item such as tiles, the delivery protocol has to follow a precise procedure in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Because of the logistics presented in the video, there was an apparent need to demonstrate the key elements of what a customer would expect when receiving their tiles and there solution if something wasn’t quite right!

Animation is a fast growing way to allow a customers to digest technically detailed information, in an easy to understand presentation. Animation creates a format that almost anyone can understand, ensuring that your customers grasp your technical protocols.

Tons Of Tiles

We have used GSL for a number of years now and find both Gavin and Ben very profesional. The relationship with them is more of a partnership than just a one off build your website and off you go. I would highly recommend them. 

Mark Pitman