Tons Of Tiles Delivery Information Animation

The Tons of Tiles delivery video was a bespoke animation created to accompany the companies high end Magento Store. When selling a dedicated item such as tiles, the delivery protocol has to follow a precise procedure in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Because of the logistics presented in the video, there was an apparent need to demonstrate the key elements of what a customer would expect when receiving their tiles and there solution if something wasn’t quite right!

The Challenge.

Tons of Tiles faced a significant challenge in effectively communicating their complex delivery process for high-end tiles to customers. With a diverse range of logistics involved, they needed a solution that could simplify the information while ensuring customer satisfaction. Furthermore, they wanted to tap into the emotional aspect of their customers’ inner child to create a memorable and engaging experience.

The Solution.

To tackle the challenge of effectively communicating the complex delivery process of high-end tiles, GSL Media embarked on a comprehensive solution that involved developing a series of style frames and storyboards. They collaborated closely with the Tons of Tiles team to understand their brand identity, target audience, and key messaging.

GSL Media began the process by creating style frames that captured the essence of Tons of Tiles’ brand. These frames incorporated the company’s visual elements, such as colours, typography, and imagery, while infusing a sense of playfulness and creativity. The style frames served as a foundation for the overall look and feel of the animation, ensuring it aligned seamlessly with Tons of Tiles’ brand identity.

Next, GSL Media crafted detailed storyboards that mapped out the flow of the animation. They meticulously planned each scene, illustrating the delivery process step-by-step, and identifying opportunities to inject humour and engagement. The storyboards acted as a blueprint, guiding the animation process, and ensuring a cohesive narrative.

With the style frames and storyboards in place, GSL Media began the animation production phase. Their skilled animators brought the visuals to life, using advanced techniques and software to create a visually stunning and captivating experience. The animation incorporated lively characters, fluid movements, and vibrant colours, capturing the attention of viewers and immersing them in the world of Tons of Tiles’ delivery process.

Throughout the development process, GSL Media maintained a collaborative approach, regularly seeking feedback and input from the Tons of Tiles team. This ensured that the animation accurately reflected the brand’s vision, met the communication objectives, and resonated with the target audience.

The Outcome.

The bespoke animation video provided by GSL Media yielded exceptional results for Tons of Tiles. The animation’s ability to tap into the customer’s inner child evoked an emotional connection and made the delivery process more relatable. Customers found the video engaging and memorable, leading to increased understanding and satisfaction with the company’s delivery procedures. This, in turn, resulted in improved customer confidence and trust in the brand.

Furthermore, GSL Media’s addition of video marketing strategies, leveraging the animation and other video content, contributed to increased conversions. By incorporating the videos into their marketing campaigns, Tons of Tiles captured the attention of potential customers and effectively communicated the benefits of their high-end tiles. The combination of animation, storytelling, and video marketing proved to be a winning formula, driving higher engagement, customer retention, and ultimately, increased conversions for Tons of Tiles.

A Word From The Client



Working with GSL Media on our delivery video was an absolute delight. They understood the unique challenges we faced in conveying a complex process to our customers, and their solution exceeded our expectations. The development of style frames and storyboards allowed us to visualise the final animation, and the result was a visually stunning and engaging video that perfectly captured our brand’s identity. Since implementing the video, we’ve seen increased conversions and customer engagement, proving that animation is indeed an optimal solution. I highly recommend GSL Media for their exceptional creativity, professionalism, and expertise in delivering outstanding animation projects.

Mark Pitman

Tons of Tiles


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