Wolf Minerals
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Wolf Minerals is a specialty metals company, it is one of the world’s leading mining companies in major tungsten production. Originating in Australia and now based in the Southwest; their Hemerdon project near Plymouth, will produce approximately 3% of global tungsten supply making the company a significant global producer.

Wolf started their construction phase in early 2014 with a planned completion in mid-2015 to allow commercial production to follow shortly after. Like any big construction operation there was need for investment and a detailed documentation of the process.

The second stage of filming came later that year to cover the developments and show the creation of the infrastructure. As a company that specialise in the documentation of media it was fantastic opportunity for us to see and record the progression on such a large scale. The videos show the sheer size of operation and management involved which was magnificent; GSL reportedly achieved a great results portraying this in their production.

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WOLF Minerals – November 2014

WOLF Minerals – April 2015

WOLF Minerals

“GSL Media did an excellent job in capturing the UK footage we needed for the Wolf Minerals video. Being in Perth, Western Australia we put our trust in Ben to engage with our client in the UK and deliver great footage. He did both extremely well and produced a great result that was delivered on budget and on schedule. His imaginative shots, good communication and organised delivery of video files helped our workflow tremendously.”