Disney Lightning McQueen web advert

Licensed web video for Bladez Toyz

The Challenge.

Bladez Toyz, a Portsmouth-based toy company, sought an online video marketing solution for their award-winning Lightning McQueen radio-controlled car, licensed under Disney. They faced the challenge of creating an advert that complied with Disney’s branding policies while captivating the target audience. GSL Media was entrusted with the entire commercial production process, including planning, location sourcing, actor auditions, shooting, and editing.

The Solution.

Bladez Toyz needed to create an online video commercial that showcased their Disney Cars toys, particularly the Lightning McQueen car, while adhering to Disney’s strict branding guidelines. The goal was to resonate with children and Disney fans alike.

GSL Media collaborated with Bladez Toyz to plan and execute the commercial. They scouted suitable locations, conducted actor auditions, and handled the entire filming and editing process. The solution focused on aligning with Disney’s branding policies and effectively highlighting the Lightning McQueen car’s features and appeal.

The Outcome.

The partnership between Bladez Toyz and GSL Media yielded a successful Disney Cars toy advert. The commercial achieved brand compliance, engaging storytelling, high product visibility, increased brand awareness, improved sales, and a stronger market presence. The collaboration demonstrated the value of tailored marketing solutions in the toy industry.

Through their collaboration with GSL Media, Bladez Toyz effectively tackled the challenge of creating an online video advert for their Disney Cars toys. By adhering to Disney’s branding guidelines and employing captivating storytelling techniques, Bladez Toyz achieved positive outcomes, including increased brand awareness, improved sales, and a strengthened market presence. This case study highlights the significance of collaboration and tailored marketing solutions in driving success in the toy industry.

Disney Panes Advert

Bladez Toyz’s also partnership with GSL Media for their Disney Planes advert proved to be a soaring success. By expertly capturing the excitement and magic of the Disney Planes franchise, the commercial effectively showcased the radio-controlled Dusty Crophopper plane, captivating young aviation enthusiasts and Disney fans alike. The advert adhered to Disney’s branding guidelines while highlighting the unique features and flight capabilities of the Dusty Crophopper toy, resulting in increased brand visibility, customer engagement, and a boost in sales for Bladez Toyz.

A Word From The Client



Working with GSL Media on our Disney Cars Toys advert was an absolute pleasure. We faced the challenge of creating a commercial that met Disney’s branding guidelines while showcasing our Lightning McQueen radio-controlled car. GSL Media handled every aspect of the production process flawlessly, from pre-production planning to the final editing stages. Their expertise and attention to detail ensured that the advert captured the essence of the Disney Cars franchise and resonated with our target audience. The outcome exceeded our expectations, resulting in increased brand awareness, improved sales, and a stronger market presence. We highly recommend GSL Media for their professionalism, creativity, and ability to deliver outstanding results. We look forward to partnering with them on future projects.

Daniel Abdelmassih

Product Development Director


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