E4 Blood Shot

GSL Media’s Bloodshot Indent animation for E4 was a captivating masterpiece. Their creative process and attention to detail resulted in a visually stunning and memorable experience for our audience.

The Challenge.

The challenge for the E4 Bloodshot Indent Animation project was to create a visually striking and engaging animation that would capture the attention of viewers and effectively represent the E4 brand. The animation needed to convey the story of the innocent eyeball navigating the world of E4 while maintaining a unique and memorable style.

The Solution.

Our animator Andy provided the perfect solution by combining their creative vision and technical expertise. He developed a concept that cantered around the journey of the eyeball, using captivating visuals and smooth animation techniques. Andy carefully crafted each frame, paying attention to detail and ensuring that the animation aligned with E4’s brand identity. Through their expertise in motion graphics and animation, GSL Media brought the concept to life.

The Outcome.

The outcome of the E4 Bloodshot Indent Animation project was a resounding success. The animation captured the essence of E4’s quirky and unconventional style, drawing viewers into its vibrant and imaginative world. It effectively communicated the brand’s personality and engaged the audience, leaving a lasting impression. The animation received positive feedback from both E4 and viewers, establishing GSL as a trusted partner for creating captivating and impactful animations.



A Word From The Client



GSL Media’s animation for E4’s Bloodshot Indent was a creative masterpiece that perfectly captured the essence of our brand. Their expertise in motion graphics and attention to detail brought our vision to life, resulting in a visually stunning and engaging animation.


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