E4 Bloodshot
Indent Animation


Created for E4 – The demise of an innocent eyeball. All he ever wanted was to see the world, and find his one true love, a soul-mate who would see him for he really was. But he just couldn’t handle the world of E4, never mind eyeball! The Blood shot itself was created for E4 and was run for a series of months on the terrestrial Channel. It was nice to see a piece of work created by one of our animators repetitively used in broadcast.

Andy has been working with GSL for Many years and has created some unique and wonderful projects for a variety of companies from small corporate to large retail giants. We recently completed a internal project for Tesco. unfortunately we can not demo this project as it id of a sensitive nature. We can show screen shots upon request.


Channel 4

“GSL Media created a unique bloodshot that stood the test of time.”