Fair Trade Animation

Transforming Awareness and Support: How GSL Media’s Bespoke Animation Elevated Fair Trade’s Message

The Challenge.

Fair Trade faced the challenge of raising awareness about the issues surrounding coffee farming and the importance of supporting Fair Trade practices. They needed a compelling way to engage the audience and convey the message effectively, as traditional marketing methods were not generating the desired impact.

The Solution.

GSL Media collaborated with Fair Trade to develop a bespoke animation as part of a series of viral adverts. GSL’s student Animator, Andy created the advert as part of his course and subsequently won the YCN Student of the Year award. The animation was carefully crafted to capture the attention of viewers and create an emotional connection. Through captivating visuals, storytelling, and informative content, the animation aimed to educate the audience about the hardships faced by coffee farmers and the positive impact of Fair Trade initiatives.

Andy at GSL Media worked closely with Fair Trade to understand their objectives and tailor the animation to their specific needs. Extensive research was conducted to ensure accurate representation of the issues at hand and to create a compelling narrative that would resonate with viewers. The animation incorporated engaging visuals, vibrant colours, and a captivating storyline to draw the audience in and create a memorable experience.

The Outcome.

The bespoke animation produced by GSL Media proved to be a powerful tool for Fair Trade in raising awareness and promoting their cause. The video was widely shared across social media platforms, generating significant traction and engagement. It sparked conversations and discussions among viewers, driving increased awareness about the challenges faced by coffee farmers and the importance of supporting Fair Trade practices.

The animation effectively conveyed the key messages of Fair Trade, fostering a deeper understanding of the impact consumers can have through their choices. It inspired viewers to consider the ethical implications of their coffee consumption and encouraged them to support Fair Trade-certified products. The animation’s success as a viral advert helped elevate the visibility of Fair Trade and its mission, ultimately leading to increased support and positive change in the coffee industry.

A Word From The Client



Working with Andy on the bespoke animation for Fair Trade was an incredible experience. They truly understood the essence of our cause and brought it to life through their exceptional creativity and attention to detail. The animation captured the hearts and minds of our audience, generating widespread awareness and support for Fair Trade. We are grateful for GSL Media’s expertise and dedication in helping us make a meaningful impact. Highly recommended!”


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