Project Title

GSL Media were commissioned, on the 7th February 2014, to film and document the Kingsand Clock Tower, after initially being damaged in the previous storms

The Challenge.

The storms that hit the UK coastline in 2014 left a trail of destruction, including damage to the iconic Kingsand Clock Tower. Uncertainty loomed over the fate of this historic landmark, and the restoration project faced numerous challenges. The objective was to document the journey and capture the involvement of the people who were determined to save this cherished building.

The Solution.

JGP, entrusted with the task of repairing the sea damage, recognised the significance of this project and sought to document the entire process. With a strong partnership between JGP and GSL Media, GSL was granted exclusive access to film inside the building. The captured video footage became highly sought after by national television companies, and it was featured on major broadcasting channels such as BBC and ITV during the challenging weeks of the storms. The commitment and dedication of the GSL team ensured that the excitement and emotional journey of the restoration project were faithfully portrayed in their work.

The Outcome.

The outcome of the documentary series, consisting of three films, proved to be a testament to the success of the project and its lasting impact on similar restoration work in the UK. With the building ultimately saved from further damage, GSL Media was brought back to produce two additional films, showcasing the progress made and the secure future of this beloved landmark. The documentaries not only captured the resilience and determination of the people involved but also served as a source of inspiration for similar restoration projects across the country. The series stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and the ability to overcome challenges, leaving a lasting legacy in the UK’s preservation efforts.

Videos created in date order

Here are a list of videos created for the Kingsand Clock Tower in date order that show the progression of the project. GSL were lucky enough to be evolved in creating all of the documentary series.

JGP Kingsand 1st Visit

GSL Media were commissioned, on the 7th February 2014, to film and document the Kingsand Clock Tower, after initially being damaged in the previous storms. Celtic Construction were instructed to carry out the works, under JGP instruction. Over the weekend of Saturday the 8th and 9th of February, GSL Media filmed in very difficult conditions filming the install of props to remove the risk of immediate collapse.

JGP Kingsand Revisited

Severe storms on the 14th & 15th February 2014 further damaged the Kingsand clock tower and Rame Institute building. Huge stormwaves again breached the sea facing Institute wall and severely eroded the internal west wall of the building leaving the clocktower and indeed the whole building in a most precarious state. The interior of the institute became fully exposed and was severely battered by the large storm waves. It was evident that the clock tower was extremely close to being lost. Measurements indicated that the top of the tower moved some 15mm.

A Word From The Client



I am incredibly grateful to GSL Media for their exceptional work in documenting the restoration of the Kingsand Clock Tower. The team’s dedication and commitment to capturing every aspect of the project were truly outstanding. From the very beginning, when the fate of the building was uncertain, GSL was there, providing exclusive footage that was aired on major television networks.

Their professionalism and expertise shone through in every frame, showcasing the challenges we faced and the resilience of the team involved. The three-part documentary series they produced not only captured the essence of the restoration journey but also had a profound impact on similar projects throughout the UK.

GSL Media’s ability to tell a compelling story through their visuals and editing was impressive. They not only documented the physical restoration of the clock tower but also managed to convey the emotional and historical significance of the landmark.

I highly recommend GSL Media for any documentary or video production needs. Their exceptional work and unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality content have left a lasting impression on me and the entire team involved in the restoration project

John Grimes

Managing Director


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