JGP Kingsand Documentary Series
Corporate Video


The storms in the UK in 2014 brought havoc to the country’s coastline, with damage being caused to railway lines, sea defences and iconic coastal buildings. JGP were commissioned to repair the sea damage caused to the Kingsand Clock Tower. This three part documentary series demonstrates the journey of the project and the involvement from the people, who somehow, managed to save this iconic building. JGP, after previous video success wanted to document the saving of the landmark. At first when the project began all were unsure as to the building’s fate.

There was a high demand from National television companies for footage and because of GSL’s excellent working relationship with JGP, we were given exclusivity to obtain footage from inside the building. Video filmed by the company was used on BBC and ITV in the testing weeks during the storms. The project was both exciting and emotive and the team’s personal commitment to the project ensured this was portrayed in their work. After it was deemed that the building would be saved, GSL were brought back for two further films following the progression and the securing of the landmark. The three films are a great testament to the project and have definitely had an impact on similar work as it increases in the UK.


JGP Kingsand 1st Visit

GSL Media were commissioned, on the 7th February 2014, to film and document the Kingsand Clock Tower, after initially being damaged in the previous storms. Celtic Construction were instructed to carry out the works, under JGP instruction. Over the weekend of Saturday the 8th and 9th of February, GSL Media filmed in very difficult conditions filming the install of props to remove the risk of immediate collapse.

JGP Kingsand Revisited

Severe storms on the 14th & 15th February 2014 further damaged the Kingsand clock tower and Rame Institute building. Huge stormwaves again breached the sea facing Institute wall and severely eroded the internal west wall of the building leaving the clocktower and indeed the whole building in a most precarious state. The interior of the institute became fully exposed and was severely battered by the large storm waves. It was evident that the clock tower was extremely close to being lost. Measurements indicated that the top of the tower moved some 15mm.


“JGP has commissioned GSL Media to design, create and administer our new website including a series of videos. We have been more than pleased with the response, finding the company co-operative and easy to work with – despite constant changes from our company! We are confident in GSL’s design, technical and Video skills and are very impressed with the finished design! We are sure that you will agree with us that the overall working strategy of all GSL Media work is of a very high creative and production standard.”

John Grimes