Website Design & Development / Video Production

The Challenge.

Luminati is an offering of a variety of display and POS products. Initially the website was built on a leased system where the Intellectual property was owned by the supplier. Due to ongoing fees and uncertainty of ownership, the company moved to GSL initially with a Magento website. When the site was redeveloped in 2022 the company wanted GSL to offer a fresh design and a different build on WooCommerce. They wanted flexibility to edit internally and to work on a system the team were familiar with.

The main issue to overcome was the difference between Luminati’s bespoke offering and fixed sale products. The clear route for the customer needed to be properly considered.

The Solution.

GSL built a modern solution allowing the client flexibility to edit and grow the website marketing internally. EMX Dynamics self-host their websites and GSL manage the accounts as well as all plugins and integrations. This means the client are in direct control of their assets.

There are complexities in the migration from Magento to WooCommerce, but the outcome was no loss of data or url structure. The old website was run as a privatised website for a period after the transition for cross referencing.

The route for the varied customer base of bespoke enquires and fixed products was developed in a way that was clear from the navigation and key landing pages. It allows for intuitive sourcing and purchasing of fixed products and a clear user journey for bespoke enquires of several sectors.

The website also integrated in the clients custom EFACS system (ERP Software), offers custom product calculation for products with variations, and integrates into many other third-party solutions.

There is a GSL custom checkout to simplify the customer purchasing process and capture emails at the initial stage for remarketing.

The Results.

The new website is seeing sales improvements since the launch as well as a good increase in bespoke enquiries for custom orders. The integrations improve staff time, and the flexibility allows the internal marketing team to make content and product changes without relying solely on GSL.

The remarketing has massively improved with the email checkout capturing function and the bespoke enquiry email linkage.

The new website has improved business performance since its launch.

– 43% increase in users

– Traffic increased by 112%

– Sales revenue increased by 20%

Video Production

As a side arm to development GSL Created a corporate video for the client. The video was created as to the clients brief and gives an overview of the business. The brief was met with a fast paced graphical and video piece that falls in line with the requirements and style the client was looking for.

A Word From The Client



“We are pleased with the outcome of the new Luminaiti website. One of the fundamentals for us was that we saw a return on the investment and with increased sales, and enquires we feel GSL have delivered to an excellent standard. The support is swift, and we are seeing consistent growth. The aesthetic and UX delivered offer a vast improvement on our previous position.”- Jack Minot


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