Noble Isle

WooCommerce website design & development to build on the brand story and showcase products in an engaging format

The Challenge.

With 10 years’ experience, Noble Isle curates’ fragrance collections inspired by the British Isle’s.They supply fragrance collections in a variety of products including hand washes, hand lotions, scrubs, candles, and reed diffusers. Each fragrance uses British ingredients from local producers, which gives each product a unique story and aroma. Noble Isle wanted to build on these stories and showcase their products in a more engaging way, ultimately leading to business growth and enhanced online presence.

The Solution.

GSL worked with Noble Isle to develop a comprehensive plan to overhaul their existing website. The project was to involve simplifying content editing for their team, mapping out the customer journey to enhance paths to purchase and developing a fresh, sophisticated design to convey the ethos of the brand.

The individual stories behind the collections are an important aspect to the brand, which made imagery imperative to the new site. Each collection page makes use of custom templates which explain the origin of the scent. GSL created a solution for Noble Isle team members to add in these product details, including an area in the backend of the website that allows them to add and edit their ‘provenance pages’, which convey an in-depth insight into the inspiration and origin behind the fragrances. All pages have made use of templates developed by GSL Media that make the process of updating or adding new content stress free. Making use of custom templates means that the website has consistent styling, helping to reflect the ethos and quality of the brand.

The Results.

One of the main challenges for the new website was the improving the user journey. GSL identified that in order to achieve this, significant consideration needed to be given to the checkout design and layout of collections. The past solution frustrated users and was difficult to use. GSL streamlined the checkout process and improved navigation to allow users to easily navigate around the site and view all collections and product types. The category pages are clean and modern, and the product page makes use of interactive scrolling to view a left-hand gallery panel. Other information about the product is neatly presented in tabs whilst the ‘add to bag’ call-to-action is immediately eye-catching. The product view also allows users to see complementing products in order to promote increased basket value.

The new design presents more a more high-end feel to reflect the quality of the product range and ethos of the business. The new design is not only easy to use, but is also cohesive in its styling. Conveying a clean and professional look across all pages. Large, distinctive imagery, colours and fonts in line with Noble Isle’s branding help to create a unique website which appeals to the target audience and stands out among competitors.

A Word From The Client



We love working with GSL who are an extremely talented group of people and so patient and informative every step of the way. Their attention to detail is exquisite and we are in love with our new website which they built for us. We are already seeing a decrease in bounce rate and increase in conversions from the hard work they put into the project. Special thanks to Ben, Gavin, Jake, Aimee, Chris and Jack. Thank you GSL!


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