A transformative overhaul of the Projuice website and product search system

The Challenge.

Projuice have been wholesale retailers of juice, smoothie and shake suppliers since 2004, retailing everything you need for a profitable juice, smoothie & shake bar/café. Projuice were experiencing several challenges with their existing site and approached GSL Media to help overcome them. The biggest challenge lay in the existing search system, which employed a separate page for each category, severely restricting the ability for customers to browse through the entirety of Projuice’s diverse product ranges.

The Solution.

GSL worked in collaboration with Projuice to undertake a comprehensive renovation of their website’s product search functionality. The team at GSL reimagined and redesigned the search system from the ground up. The primary objective was to create a unified and user-friendly interface that would empower customers to effortlessly explore and discover the full breadth of Projuice’s product offerings.

The solution involved implementing a powerful and dynamic search engine and filtration system that would enable customers to explore products seamlessly across categories. Integration of advanced filtering options enables users to narrow down their search results based on specific criteria such as dietary requirements, ingredients, flavors, and more. Additionally, GSL introduced a user-friendly interface that allowed customers to effortlessly switch between categories, browse subcategories, and navigate through related products without leaving the search results page. This eliminated the need for customers to constantly backtrack or switch between separate pages, providing them with a streamlined and immersive shopping experience.

The Results.

The end result of our collaboration with Projuice was a transformative overhaul of their website and product search system. Customers now enjoy a seamless browsing experience that promotes exploration and discovery of their extensive product ranges. The intuitive interface, advanced filtering options, and intelligent recommendations have significantly improved customer satisfaction and engagement.

By breaking down the limitations of the previous system, GSL successfully empowered Projuice to provide their customers with a dynamic and user-centric search experience. The renovated search functionality has become a powerful tool for driving product visibility, increasing customer satisfaction, and ultimately, boosting Projuice’s online sales and growth.

A Word From The Client



It has been a real pleasure to have worked with the team at GSL in the development of our new website.

They delivered a fantastic site and the support through the various stages was managed and coordinated by their project manager, Jake, who made the process seem so simple despite the challenges we gave them.

The main objective was to make the site appealing to the customer and keeping the experience clear and informative all the way through to a confirmed order. This has been achieved at every level and just as importantly within budget and on time.

Thank you to Jake and the Team

David Ford

Managing Director


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