Saxton Blades

Ecommerce Redesign

The Challenge.

Saxton Blades has been supplying a comprehensive range of quality replacement blades for tools to customers throughout the UK for over 12 years. The existing website had been live for several years and, as technology progressed, the acknowledgment surfaced that their platform required a contemporary update. GSL, understanding this necessity, embraced the task of revamping the Saxton Blades website.

The primary objective extended beyond aesthetic enhancements; it sought to elevate the entire user experience. GSL set out to achieve this by harnessing the capabilities of WordPress and WooCommerce, migrating the website over from Magento. The technical aspects of GSL’s task included implementing effective product and category controls, providing the client with better management of orders and customers, and optimising the online store for improved performance. Additionally, GSL worked on refining the user journey and category structure to overcome several customer experience obstacles and to refine product discovery and selection.

GSL’s challenge was to combine a fusion of technical functionality and design finesse. The task was not just about visual appeal but crafting a modern, user-friendly e-commerce platform. The endeavour aimed at transcending surface-level improvements, requiring GSL to navigate the intricacies of technology and design to provide Saxton Blades with a sophisticated digital storefront.

The Solution.

GSL’s solution for Saxton Blades e-commerce transformation seamlessly integrates leading-edge technology with design, resulting in a captivating, user-friendly platform. Leveraging WordPress and WooCommerce, GSL was able to address the multifaceted challenges. GSL implemented an intuitive product control system, allowing effortless management of the extensive range of replacement blades. Category management was fine-tuned, optimising navigation for users seeking specific tools.

GSL crafted a user-friendly interface, providing the client with control over order and customer management, fostering efficiency and responsiveness. The introduction of a comprehensive order status system further enhances operational transparency, enabling real-time tracking and communication. GSL conducted an optimisation process, ensuring the online store operates seamlessly. This optimisation extends beyond aesthetics, encompassing performance enhancements that guarantee a swift and satisfying shopping experience for users.

The Results.

The outcome is more than a revamped website; it’s a bespoke e-commerce solution tailored to Saxton Blades specific needs. GSL’s holistic approach harmonises technological expertise with design knowledge, providing a digital storefront that not only meets industry standards but propels Saxton Blades into a new era of online efficiency and customer satisfaction. Their new site is adaptable and fully responsive to various screen sizes and is populated with concise information and clear action points for users to seamlessly navigate around the site to find and purchase the products they need.

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