St Luke’s Hospice - Elmer’s Big Parade Plymouth

Corporate Video

The Challenge.

GSL was presented the task of creating the promotional video for St Luke’s – Elmer’s Big Parade. This project required us to showcase the essence of this unique event and capture its vibrancy and community spirit in a visually compelling way. With numerous stakeholders involved and a tight deadline to meet, we knew we had to step up our game and deliver a video that would engage and excite audiences. It required meticulous planning, creative storytelling, and seamless execution to effectively convey the impact and excitement of the parade. However, we embraced the challenge wholeheartedly, combining our expertise in video production, storytelling, and marketing to produce a stunning promotional video that truly captured the essence of St Luke’s – Elmer’s Big Parade.

The Solution.

To tackle the challenge of creating the promotional video for St Luke’s – Elmer’s Big Parade, we devised a solution that ensured the video would exceed expectations and effectively promote the event. We conducted research to understand the event’s objectives, target audience, and key messaging. We then assembled our talented team for videography and editing. Collaboratively, we brainstormed creative approaches and visual styles that would best capture the parade’s energy and showcase the artistic excellence of the Elmer sculptures. To ensure a seamless production process, we created a detailed timeline, outlining every step from pre-production to post-production. This included scouting locations, coordinating with event organisers and participants.

The Outcome.

Overall, the results of our promotional video exceeded expectations. It successfully generated excitement, increased event attendance, and fostered a sense of community engagement and support for St Luke’s – Elmer’s Big Parade. The video’s impact extended beyond the event, contributing to the long-term success and sustainability of St Luke’s initiatives.

A Word From The Client



Working with GSL on our promotional video for St Luke’s – Elmer’s Big Parade was an absolute pleasure. They tackled the challenge with professionalism, creativity, and unwavering commitment. GSL’s team impressed us with their collaborative approach and dedication to understanding our objectives. They went above and beyond to incorporate the authentic voices of our community, adding an invaluable touch to the video.

Emma Milford

Project Manager WiA Sculpture Project


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