Vinehouse Farm

Revitalising a Magneto-based website with the power of meticulous planning, expertise in addressing technical debt, and seamless integration of UX-specific requirements.

The Challenge.

Vine House Farm, a prominent UK-based supplier of bird food and wildlife products, approached GSL with a significant challenge: their existing Magneto-based website was plagued with technical debt and numerous functionality issues. This case study explores the obstacles encountered, the solutions implemented by GSL, and the successful outcome achieved through meticulous development and seamless collaboration.

Upon initial assessment, GSL identified a range of technical debt and malfunctions within the Vine House Farm website. The site had lost several key elements, which affected its overall functionality and user experience (UX). In addition, the team discovered discrepancies resulting from previous development efforts, causing inconsistencies and confusion for visitors. The site’s performance was suffering, leading to a decline in conversion rates.

The Solution.

GSL formulated a comprehensive plan to address the technical debt and restore the Vine House Farm website to its optimal state. The team embarked on a systematic approach to tackle the challenges at hand. First and foremost, GSL and the client conducted a thorough analysis of the existing website, identifying the areas requiring immediate attention. This involved an in-depth examination of the codebase, database, and overall architecture.

To rectify the technical debt and lost elements, GSL meticulously reviewed and optimised the website’s underlying code. The team implemented rigorous testing methodologies to ensure the elimination of any latent issues and to enhance the overall stability of the platform. Simultaneously, GSL collaborated closely with Vine House Farm to understand their specific requirements and goals, enabling a tailored solution to be devised.

Moreover, GSL encountered another hurdle as it needed to incorporate UX changes provided by a third party. To overcome this obstacle, GSL established effective communication channels with the third party and ensured seamless updates of the required modifications. The team meticulously analysed the changes and skilfully integrated them into the existing website, aligning the UX-specific requirements with Vine House Farm’s brand identity.

Through GSL’s diligent efforts, the Vine House Farm website underwent a remarkable transformation. The technical debt was eliminated, and the lost elements were reinstated, resulting in enhanced functionality and improved UX. GSL’s thorough testing procedures ensured the site’s stability, bolstering its performance and reliability. Following the implementation of the solution, Vine House Farm witnessed a substantial improvement in various metrics. User engagement and satisfaction levels surged, leading to increased conversions and sales. The optimised website provided a streamlined purchasing process, fostering customer loyalty and repeat business.

The Results.

GSL’s collaboration with Vine House Farm in revitalising their Magneto-based website demonstrates the power of meticulous planning, expertise in addressing technical debt, and seamless integration of UX-specific requirements. By rectifying the functionality issues and improving the user experience, the website became a key driver for Vine House Farm’s success in the competitive bird food and wildlife products market. With an optimised platform and enhanced UX, Vine House Farm is well-positioned for sustained growth and continued success in the digital landscape.

A Word From The Client



“GSL’s collaboration with Vine House Farm to revitalise their Magneto website proved to be a resounding success. By addressing technical debt and functionality issues, GSL transformed the website into a highly functional and user-friendly platform. Through meticulous code optimisation and seamless integration of UX changes, GSL enhanced the overall user experience, leading to increased user satisfaction and improved conversion rates. Gavin and the team are always on hand when I need them and I’m very happy with the results and service.”

Charlotte Yeung

Marketing Manager


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