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WooCommerce Design & Development

The Challenge.

VospersParts.com, an online automotive parts retailer, faced several challenges with their existing website. The initial thought was that the website needs to be migrated from a very outdated Magento One system which was full of technical debt and security issues. They needed to migrate data, including products, categories, blogs, and customer accounts, to WooCommerce. Additionally, they needed a solution for product feeding, language translation, and search functionality. The website also required features such as search by car, product filtration, brands/franchises, packing slips, integration with Drive CRM, and parts search integration from a national car parts database catalogue.

The Solution.

To ensure a smooth transition, GSL facilitated the migration of essential data and customer account information. They guided the client through the data format and requirements, while also providing support for converting and manipulating existing data.

GSL focused on improving the website’s search functionality by implementing a robust search system with real-time results and auto-suggest features. Furthermore, a specialised search by car feature was implemented, allowing users to find relevant products based on vehicle specifications. This involved integrating with DVLA API for accurate vehicle data and retaining car details and filters throughout the website.

The team implemented a system like product categories to handle brands and franchises. This allowed for navigation to specific brands or franchises, with additional data aspects such as brand logos. SEO and other descriptive data were managed similarly to general category structure.

GSL implemented a system that allowed users to save products for later from the basket page. This functionality acted as a secondary Wishlist, allowing users to add items to a “Save for Later” or “Checkout Later” list directly from the basket page. This feature provided added convenience and flexibility to customers, enabling them to save products they are interested in without having to proceed with the immediate checkout process.

The Results.

Overall, the solution provided by GSL successfully addressed the challenges faced by vospersparts.com and resulted in a more efficient and user-friendly WooCommerce website. The enhanced functionalities such as improved search, language translation, search by car, and streamlined checkout process, have already seen impact.

With seamless data migration and integration with external systems, contributed to a more up to date real product offering which in turn enhanced user experience and increased customer satisfaction. The project is starting to grow since launch, and we are looking forward to watching the growth of the website over the next coming months.


GSL integrated with a national car parts database catalogue. The system offers a vast database of aftermarket part numbers, vehicle fitment data, technical specifications, and other relevant information. By integrating the database catalogue into the WooCommerce website, the client can leverage its extensive catalogue to automate the retrieval of vehicle meta data. This integration allows for efficient search and filtration based on vehicle details, simplifying the process of finding compatible parts for customers. The cached vehicle meta data enhances the website’s performance by eliminating the need for real-time queries to the API.

Drive CRM was also synchronised via a custom script for updating product price and stock data based on the SKU field from the system.

This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry or updates, ensuring that the website reflects accurate and up-to-date information for customers. The integration facilitates efficient inventory management, as stock updates can be automatically propagated across different sales channels, minimising the risk of overselling or inaccuracies in product availability.

There were serious challenges in linking WooCommerce, Drive, and the national car parts database catalogue. This took a large amount of discover and R&D. Three different systems from three different providers, talking to each other presents its challenges where there isn’t a direct tried and tested solution. The custom solution now works seamlessly between all channels, updating the data overnight as not to overload any server resource.

A Word From The Client



I had the opportunity to work closely on an exciting project with GSL. Collaborating with their team was an exceptional experience. We were tasked with a mammoth project, redeveloping our outdated Magento website, and I must say, GSL’s expertise and dedication were impressive throughout. Their technical skills in developing the functionality were top-notch, ensuring a seamless user experience. The team at GSL meticulously understood our requirements and translated them into a robust solution. Working with GSL not only met our expectations but exceeded them. Their professionalism, clear communication, and timely delivery were remarkable. I highly recommend GSL to any organisation seeking innovative solutions and exceptional service. Thank you, GSL, for your valuable contribution to the success of our project at Vospers.

Aftersales Marketing Executive


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