Young & Homeless

A Series of Films produced for Devon County Council with the aim of having impact on young people

The Challenge.

Devon County Council faced the challenge of effectively communicating the housing options available to homeless young people in the region. They needed to create engaging and informative short films that would provide a realistic portrayal of different housing routes while addressing the unique challenges faced by these individuals. The films had to strike a balance between highlighting the available support and resources while avoiding glamorising or oversimplifying the realities of independent living and social care.

The Solution.

To bring these films to life, GSL Media assembled a dedicated production team with expertise in storytelling and visual communication. Collaborating closely with Devon County Council and Young Devon, the crew meticulously planned and executed each film, ensuring that the narratives were authentic and relatable to the target audience./

Through careful attention to detail, including location selection, casting, and script development, GSL Media successfully captured the essence of each housing route. The production team utilised storytelling techniques, compelling visuals, and emotive storytelling to effectively convey the realities, challenges, and support systems associated with each housing option.

The films served as a powerful tool in educating and empowering young people to make informed decisions about their housing choices. By highlighting the different pathways and addressing the unique circumstances and considerations of each, the films provided valuable insights and helped individuals navigate the available support systems.

The Outcome.

The short films produced by GSL Media in collaboration with Devon County Council under the Devon Housing Options Partnership Scheme, in association with Young Devon, have been instrumental in providing valuable information and support to homeless young people. By presenting realistic scenarios and addressing the complexities of each housing option, the films have helped individuals make informed decisions about their living arrangements. The films have been widely shared and utilised as educational tools by the council, support centres, and local authorities throughout Devon. The authentic and relatable storytelling approach has resonated with the target audience, empowering them to seek the appropriate housing options and support services. Ultimately, the films have played a vital role in the council’s and Young Devon’s joint efforts to provide guidance and assistance to homeless youth, contributing to a more informed and supportive community.

Explore More Videos From This Project.

Each video in the series addressed different scenarios for young people affected by homelessness. Find out more and watch a selection of the videos below.

Young Peoples Housing
Social Care

This film explored the Children & Young Peoples Services route, aiming to convey both the support and the underlying sense of isolation that can be experienced. It highlighted the importance of not glamorising leaving home and entering social care, while emphasising the challenges of living under someone else’s rules and managing living expenses.

Young Peoples Housing
Family Mediation

This film focussed on family mediation, effectively highlighting the importance of open communication and conflict resolution within families. The result aims to show young people that mediation is a good route of action.

Young Peoples Housing
Sofa Surfing

This film created a powerful video addressing the issue of sofa surfing, shedding light on the challenges faced by individuals who are without a permanent home and emphasizing the need for support and solutions.

A Word From The Client



The short films created by GSL Media for Devon County Council and Young Devon have been invaluable in addressing the housing needs of homeless young people. The films beautifully capture the realities and challenges faced by young individuals seeking accommodation and support. The storytelling approach is both authentic and relatable, providing a powerful tool to educate and inform. As a partner organisation, we have witnessed first-hand the positive impact these films have had on empowering young people to make informed decisions about their housing options. GSL Media’s expertise in visual storytelling and their commitment to addressing social issues shines through in every frame. We are grateful for their collaboration and the meaningful contribution they have made to our efforts in supporting vulnerable youth in Devon.

Ros Arscott

Head of Service for Wellbeing and Participation


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