Configurator Development

March 1, 2023

Site Launch! We are busy at GSL Media finalising some 2022 projects including Trim Tabs Direct. GSL have designed and developed a new eCommerce website.

The original Trim Tabs website became outdated and required attention for its user experience. GSL helped to manage the product data by restructuring and refining the categories and filtration to help the user to find product faster.

A big part of this project involved allowing consumers to shop the trim tab range via a configuration method. This would be extremely useful to users that could be unsure of what product is most suited to them. The configurator system was focused around the trim tab kits which means consumers are lead to complete trim tab systems which suit their specification. 

The configuration system is a prominent call to action around the site which means it’s transparent to the user. This helps to improve the user journey by leading the customer to build their trim tab kits and purchase them. The configurator includes a stepped process and at each step, the user will input data. The design and functionality makes it a simple process with various informational points and guidance throughout. Graphics and animations have been developed to help to further demonstrate and guide the user.

 Not only does the website lead the user to product and discovery but also provides a deeper understanding of trim tabs with useful informational website pages including advice, technical drawings, and guidance videos. GSL have implemented clean and modern page layouts with captivating imagery and branded colours to keep the user engaged. The website also works well with various buttons leading the user around to similar pages providing a deeper dive into the product information and advice.

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