Accent Clothing

Leading retail destination for pinnacle contemporary, designer and lifestyle brands for women and men

The Challenge.

Accent Clothing approached GSL Media with a Magento Ecommerce System that wasn’t being manged particularly well by the previous developers. The company are a Leads based client and GSL Media had been recommended to them by UK Fast, one of the UK’s leading Hosting companies. The majority of GSL’s work comes through recommendation and, with a lot of their suppliers commending them, a once localised Plymouth company became a National, eCommerce specialist.

GSL willingly accepted the Accent Clothing project in order to make it more functional, stylish, efficient, improve its responsive capabilities and most of all, bring it up to bespoke modern eCommerce standards.

The Solution.

Initially there were issues with the site consistently crashing. Accent Clothing were experiencing a lot of downtime which was inevitably effecting sales. Support wasn’t always available, especially over the weekend period which potentially, is one of the company’s busiest times. GSL Media prioritised the fixes and upgrades that needed to take place. In a short period, the team were able to guarantee 99.99% uptime, converting downtime to a non-existent state. A functionality revitalization was implemented and site errors causing conflict with integrated third party operating systems were resolved. Customers could once again browse and purchase twenty four seven. The site was given a full GSL overhaul and the hosting was configured to follow the unique properties developed and updated yearly by the GSL team.

When hosting of a Magento store, it is imperative that it’s configured correctly. GSL firmly believe that an experienced, country specific, hosting company is essential. Incorrectly configured server settings are common in sites such as Accent Clothing. The GSL team pride themselves in being able to offer fast dedicated solutions for clients that require a retained, resourceful hosting environment. GSL also have their own shared hosting environments and can offer more cost effective solutions for companies moving into the supremacies of Magento.

After the GSL team solve the pressing faults, upgrades fall into place. The most pressing upgrade for Accent Clothing was the conversion for mobile compatibility and, with Googles responsive enforcement just six months before, it was imperative that the site was re-developed to conform to online responsive guidelines. GSL were able to mock up graphical representations, enabling a design/development process to take place. Once a design is approved, it can then be coded. After the changes were implemented the client noticed an instant conversion in online orders. They are confident that this improvement will continue to grow. GSL always focus on conversion, a change or fix is valuable, if it increases revenue.

The Results.

It is always a challenge taking on a site that has previously been developed by a third party, development house. The common apparent issues are a considerable amount of site errors that can effect anything from minor page content, to customers processing orders. The team pride themselves on tackling and repairing as many of these issues as possible. Recommendation and strategy into areas in which GSL believe your online sales can be improved, is also suggested. The team can assist with a priority level report that helps guide a long term improvement plan. Accent also adopted one of the GSL monthly, priority, support packages, providing SLA’s (service level agreements) to websites that need a dedicated response.

A Word From The Client



We are very happy indeed with our developers GSL. We always get speedy responses to our numerous questions and requests and the whole team go out of their way to be supportive and helpful. Gavin’s knowledge is second to none and he always gives a full, and yet easily understood, explanation of everything that he does. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Louise Schneider

Company Owner


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