Turnstyle Designs

Delivering luxury door hardware for bespoke and high-end residential, commercial and yacht projects.

The Challenge.

Turnstyle Designs deliver luxury door hardware for high-end residential, commercial and yacht projects. Turnstyle Designs were frustrated with the existing platform because it was over complex, provided very limited scope for any editing, which meant they were forced to move at the speed of the provider rather than what they needed to, to optimise sales and provided a user experience that they felt did not reflect their business, as a premium global brand. As a result they set out a new brief, with an improved user experience and better functionality and editing capability to increase business efficiency.

Part of improving the process for their network of global dealers was to include the development of an app to present products in a much more flexible way so, they could find the products that was suited to them easily and quickly.

The Solution.

GSL developed both a website and a dealer app that are widely used across the globe that were designed to create a business changing user experience for both customers and the internal management team at Turnstyle Designs.

The website had to create an environment that allowed extensive filtration at both category and product level to enable clients to quickly customise their door hardware specifications through the website. The enquiry process has become intuitive allowing a customer to add line items to an informative order which then automated the generation of internal excel order sheets for an enquiry submission speeding up the internal order processing.

To achieve this GSL significantly had to re-work the ecommerce store’s new design, user journeys, data management and unique functionality.

The Results.

Turnstyle Designs now have a fast-operating site that loads thousands of product variations to the customer on one page with filtering capabilities. Dealers are easily discoverable and the dealers themselves have improved tools to sell the products.

The internal processing time for client enquiries has been drastically reduced, significantly increasing staff efficiency. The marketing team also have a system that they can easily make changes to, increasing speed and reducing outgoing spend. Their efficiency and control has been extended even further by automatic pdf specification generation.

The enquiry level is consistently increasing year on year, offering the client significant return on their investment.

A Word From The Client



GSL recently built a new website for us. They have a truly talented team, who know what they’re doing and have a keen eye for attention to detail. We had a complex brief that needed a lot of care and attention, which they delivered excellently. Not only this, but their help desk and support team go above and beyond and are always on hand for any help as part of our support package. They’re professional, hardworking and build bespoke solutions. While we would love to keep them as our secret weapon, we would highly recommend them for any build, as they’re a talented bunch.

Stephanie Johnson

Marketing Manager


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