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The Challenge.

GE Renewables enlisted the expertise of GSL as the supplier to enhance their portal, GE Renewables required a solution to manage the individual division teams across the world. Team leaders needed to be able to work their teams through site accreditation, site visitation certification, booking event capabilities, and file access. Additionally, the portal needed to support multiple languages to cater to a diverse user base. GE Renewables required a comprehensive solution that would address these issues and improve the overall functionality and user experience of

The Solution.

GSL collaborated with GE Renewables to develop and implement a robust online secure portal solution that tackled the challenges faced by The designs for the portal were created by MyKreative who also led the project alongside GSL. GSL handled the technical consultancy and delivery of the system onto the WordPress platform. The system was then handled to GE Renewables to run with internally.

To achieve the end goal, GSL introduced a refined search and filtration method that allows users to easily navigate and sites and book events based on services, projects, regions, and countries. This new functionality simplifies the event selection process and ensures that users can quickly access relevant courses aligned with their requirements.

Furthermore, the solution introduced user roles and administrative management enhancements. Country admins, regional admins, and global admins were assigned specific roles and responsibilities, enabling more efficient event and site management. This delegation of tasks and user permissions streamlined decision-making processes, improved data management, and reduced administrative overhead.

Overall, the solution provided by GSL has revolutionized the way GE Renewables manages and operates their event booking system globally. The refined file access options, multilingual support, and enhanced administrative functionalities have resulted in significant time savings, improved user experience, and increased operational efficiency. GE Renewables can now effectively deliver their events to a global audience while optimising resources and focusing on strategic initiatives that drive growth and success.

The Results.

The collaborative efforts between GE Renewables and GSL led to remarkable improvements in the functionality and user experience of The advanced system is now being used globally, delivering time-saving benefits to GE Renewables across multiple regions. With the implementation of the refined search and filtration capabilities, users worldwide can easily access and book events tailored to their specific needs. The system’s multilingual support allows for seamless interaction in different languages, eliminating language barriers and ensuring efficient communication for global users.

Furthermore, the introduction of user roles and administrative management enhancements has empowered country admins, regional admins, and global admins to efficiently manage events and site information within their respective areas of responsibility. This delegation of tasks and responsibilities has distributed the workload and expedited decision-making processes, resulting in significant time savings for GE Renewables’ personnel worldwide.

By standardising and automating event management procedures, the system has eliminated manual tasks, such as searching for events, processing registrations, and compiling data reports. This automation has streamlined workflows, reduced administrative overheads, and enhanced overall operational efficiency on a global scale. The time saved through these streamlined processes can now be redirected towards more strategic initiatives and valuable activities, contributing to increased productivity and improved outcomes for GE Renewables globally.

The Benefits.

A new site management feature was developed, enabling admins to track and assess the progress of site modules. Admins could easily view the completion status of the five modules required for each site, ensuring transparency and effective monitoring of site-specific training initiatives. Furthermore, GSL implemented a data export feature at the site level, allowing admins to generate spreadsheets containing country, site, module completion, and the date of completion. This export functionality provided comprehensive data for reporting and analysis purposes.

An event management functionality was implemented to allow admins to add events based on services or projects, region, country, and site. This comprehensive categorisation facilitated better event organisation and streamlined the event creation process. Additionally, GSL expanded the export function to include historical event data, providing administrators with valuable insights and reporting options.

To enhance the event search and booking process, GSL introduced an advanced filtration method. End staff users could now refine their search based on services or projects, region, and country, enabling them to quickly find events aligned with their specific needs. Staff users could then book events and add dietary requirements. A series of reminders are sent to the staff user. Admin for event were able to track attendees via a QR code system at the actual event which once scanned, logged the user’s attendance. Again, this data could be exported for internal analysis.

Furthermore, GSL worked on improving the user experience by adding additional data-driven fields to event registration. Users were now required to provide information such as SSO Number, Job Title, employer details, and job description, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of the user base.

GSL introduced distinct user roles, including country admins, regional admins, and global admins. Country admins were assigned to specific countries and had access only to elements relevant to their country. Regional admins had oversight of multiple countries within their region, while global admins retained access to all elements. This granular user role structure ensured efficient management and control over the platform. End staff users could also access the system to allow for booking of events and finding specific and global documents relevant to their needs.

Recognising the need for multilingual capabilities, GSL integrated the WPML Multilingual Plugin into This plugin allowed for seamless translation of website content into multiple languages. Initially, GSL implemented support for English, French, German, and Spanish, ensuring that users from different regions could access the website in their preferred language. The translations were provided by GE Renewables, and GSL worked closely with their team to incorporate the translated content into the website’s front-end user interface.

A Word From The Client



“GSL worked on the creation of a portal system for managing training administration for GE Renewables part of the General Electric company based in North America. The system was proof of concept that allowed a front-end area for team members to access files, calendars, event booking, and accommodation options. It had back-end management controls allowing admins to manage team member accreditation steps, as well as a booking system for specific events.

The system had to be designed to meet a strict set of criteria as regards being both secure and easy to use and needed to be delivered with some demanding deadlines.

The system that was delivered met all our requirements and we were especially impressed with the level of due diligence and discretion delivered by GSL. When working with a global brand, delivery and expectations being met is key to a successful outcome and GSL brought a level of experience and project management that was extremely beneficial to the process.

In summary we were very happy with the outcome and would heartily recommend working with GSL. “

Ian Oliphant-Thompson

GE Renewables Project Delivery Team


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