Development of a online portal to streamline event management

The Challenge.

Ladbrokes & Coral approached GSL through an independent consultant and, as an external portal development agency, the team needed to develop a online portal to streamline event management. The problem revolved around communication and coordination among employees, particularly concerning the transfer of crucial assets leading up to significant sporting events. The issue arose due to staff members utilising various communication channels, resulting in friction and complications within their projects. During peak sporting periods, this situation led to internal confusion within the company, impacting effective correspondence between teams and departments. To address this challenge, Ladbrokes recognised the need for a universal platform that could facilitate event coordination and asset management, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency among their workforces.
Ladbrokes had clear brand guidelines and a vision for seamlessly integrating a system into their employees’ workflow. The project had to be completed within a tight deadline to be ready for the upcoming football season. Ensuring employee benefits and a smooth user journey were crucial aspects of the project’s specifications. Ladbrokes aimed to develop a portal that would provide employees with comprehensive event-related assets and information. This would enhance communication and collaboration for all events throughout the year.

The Solution.

Working with Ladbrokes closely, GSL found a solution to collectively organise all the documents and assets needed for these large-scale events. GSL created an advertising, electronic ticketing, event management & administration site for all the employee events. This project focused on simplifying the way Ladbrokes work internally, whilst also integrating key features needed to successfully plan and manage broad events.

Due to the tight deadline and specific project requirements, meticulous planning was essential for the successful execution of the task. The team worked closely with Ladbrokes, ensuring all project specifications were met while also offering suggestions to enhance the user experience. Notably, their collaborative efforts were evident during the design process. Through effective communication with Ladbrokes’ designers, they ensured that the concepts and final product adhered seamlessly to the brand guidelines and company values, as exemplified in the ‘End-result’ section.

To address the complexities of an online portal and database, the team developed a comprehensive system that granted employees easy access to the necessary resources. Thorough testing was conducted to ensure data security and compliance with GDPR regulations. Opting to build the website on the popular WordPress platform provided Ladbrokes with ample options for functionality and flexibility, alongside a user-friendly backend interface. This approach empowered their internal creative team to handle administration and updates to key event pages, thus reducing external costs. Encouraging internal site management was a strategic choice, as it enabled the consistent delivery of fresh and engaging content.

The Results.

From the start of this project, tight deadlines and specific requirements had been established and GSL worked precisely to make sure these were all met. The internal site offers security, recognisable branding, increased communication and an easy-to-use single place for sharing documents and assets. In conclusion, the implementation of the internal site by GSL resulted in significant time savings for Ladbrokes while ensuring the success of the project. The system’s ability to provide instant access to key information, such as timetables, event overviews, and slides, in a visually appealing branded format allowed employees to quickly grasp what, where, and when things were happening.

Furthermore, the system enabled individuals to efficiently manage personalised details crucial to event management, such as attendance status, dietary requirements, and contact information. The system’s capabilities also bridged the gap between different time zones, allowing key stakeholders in various locations to stay informed and actively participate in activities across different regions.

By consolidating event management processes and reducing reliance on multiple platforms, the system eliminated the administrative burden associated with managing events, allowing employees to dedicate more time to planning and executing the activities themselves. Moreover, the system’s mobile and laptop accessibility, along with the delivery of electronic tickets to mobile devices, provided employees with real-time access to vital event information, increasing productivity and enabling seamless information retrieval on the go. Overall, these benefits significantly saved Ladbrokes time, streamlined event management processes, and contributed to the overall success of the project.

The Benefits.

Once a person is logged in to the system, it would allow an employee to view key information from timetables, event overviews and slides. All delivered in a compelling branded visual format providing instant overview of what, where and when things are happening.

It would also allow individuals to manage detailed personalised information vital to any event management team such as; if they are attending or not, who they are, dietary requirements, arrival and departure times, delegate contact information (in the absence of a company intranet this is vital for better organisation.)

It allows for key people and times in different time zones such as Manila to be far better aware of and involved in activities that are happening in the UK or Gibraltar

The management of events took up a significant amount of administrative time which could be far better used for planning and management of the activities themselves. When an event is changed it clutters inboxes with a significant volume of e-mail which regularly results in people missing key information. The new system avoids using a multitude of different platforms.

This solution also allows for personal access via mobile and laptop to key event management of all sizeable events. Incorporating delivery of electronic tickets to mobile devices for verification also makes information accessible in real-time across all devices. This would increase productivity and make vital information easily accessible for employees on the go.

A Word From The Client



The partnership approach between GSL and MyKreative gave us both technical and creative expertise and this was super beneficial to our business. The Portals that were developed for both Ladbrokes & Coral were a brilliant time saver for the organisation.

Ian Oliphant-Thompson


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