Responsive CMS Website

The Red Lion Pub was a new business start up. The destination of the pub\restaurant is based in Lancashire proving that Our clients do really come from all over the UK and in fact, the world!

As with any new venture Red Lion needed a state of the art on-line presentation but didn’t want to invest vasts amount of capital into their marketing, at this stage. GSL Media won the pitch with an effective responsive entry level system.

Responsive website design is GSL’s busiest area and we work with countless companies in the UK and beyond. We specialise in turning non-responsive websites into compatible mobile showcases.

We are working with The Red Lion on their social media and already work closely with them on marketing materials.

We suggested a modern solution in a style dictated mostly by the client . The information needed to be concise whilst pleasing for customers, and also convey powerful sales messages, to ensure bookings.