Stronger North Stonehouse

January 25, 2022

Just before Christmas GSL had the pleasure of working alongside Stronger North Stonehouse. Stronger North Stonehouse is an ambitious project funded through the Government’s £25 million Safer Streets initiative – North Stonehouse is one of just a few communities to receive more than £500,000 from the project. The aim of the project is to help the community to drive out crimes and improve the area’s reputation. This includes initiatives like better quality CCTV, improved home security, neighbourhood watch schemes, better street lighting and advice programmes.

With the strong message to convey GSL have created a powerful site with impact. GSL have a designed a clear and strong design making use of the bold branding colours. The site successfully presents the information about the project through a concise user journey whilst making use of design features which make the site stand out aesthetically. GSL have also made use of the striking imagery across the site to compliment the written content.

The website also includes a responsive and adaptable blog template which means that SNS can make use of this feature to share their latest news and projects. As a community this was a very integral part of the website as they needed a eye catching design and website style to spread the word about their amazing cause!

Take a look at their website to find out more and why not get involved?  Visit them here –

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