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The Challenge.

In response to the evolving needs of holiday homeowners and holiday bookers seeking convenient and personalised experiences, GSL were appointed by Cherished Holiday Homes to develop a custom website that went beyond a traditional transactional platform. By focusing on communication between owners and holiday prospects, Cherished Holiday Homes aimed to fill a significant gap in the market and provide a unique online solution for the holiday home industry.

As a new business, Cherished Holiday Homes faced several challenges. Building brand awareness and establishing credibility in a competitive market posed initial hurdles. Additionally, attracting property owners to list their properties and convincing holiday bookers to trust a new platform was hard in terms of fulfilment. Overcoming these challenges required strategic marketing efforts, effective communication, and consistently delivering a high-quality user experience to gain traction and establish Cherished Holiday Homes as a trusted and reliable holiday home booking platform.

The Solution.

Cherished Holiday Homes partnered with GSL as their web development partner to create a custom website using the WordPress platform. The system allows the client ease of editing and blog development, whilst giving GSL a technical platform to develop custom function.

The website was designed to provide property owners with advanced management features, including availability management, pricing options, property advertising material, and a centralised dashboard to handle multiple properties.

The availability management system implemented by GSL provided property owners with an easy-to-use interface for maintaining real-time availability calendars. An iCal feeding system was implemented, ensuring synchronisation of property availability across multiple platforms.

GSL integrated three levels of pricing options for property owners. This flexibility allowed property owners to set rates based on the suitability of their rented accommodation. Property owners can also promote properties via the upload high-quality images, videos, and descriptions, creating attractive and informative property listings. This transparency allowed potential guests to make informed decisions based on the provided information and visuals.

Cherished Holiday Homes efficiently managed property owners through their system by providing a centralised platform for streamlined communication and administration. The custom website allowed the company to oversee and facilitate property listings, bookings, and renewals. The system enabled a route to effectively handle property owner registrations, manage their information, and track renewals seamlessly. By leveraging the system’s functionality, Cherished Holiday Homes maintained efficient communication channels, provided timely support to property owners, and ensured smooth operations for the company as a whole.

Cherished holiday homes and GSL work together bouncing ideas and improvements and the relationship has been positive and forward thinking throughout the years. GSL specialise in UX improvements and user journey, and the implementation has been paramount to the growth of the online offering.

The Results.

The collaboration between Cherished Holiday Homes and GSL resulted in a highly successful outcome. The custom website developed by GSL enabled Cherished to provide a seamless and efficient experience for property owners and holiday bookers alike. The introduction of direct communication between property owners and holiday bookers, without any booking fees, proved to be a game-changer in the industry. By capitalising on a yearly subscription model, Cherished Holiday Homes ensured a sustainable revenue stream while offering a cost-effective platform for property owners. The successful outcome of this project positioned Cherished Holiday Homes as a leading player in the holiday home market. The positive stats to date are.

The system implemented by Cherished Holiday Homes continues to experience significant growth. As more property owners recognise the benefits of the platform, the number of listed properties continues to increase. The user-friendly interface and comprehensive features provided by the system have attracted a growing number of holiday bookers, resulting in an expanding user base. Cherished Holiday Homes’ commitment to continuous improvement and innovation ensures that the system evolves in response to user feedback and market demands. As the system grows, Cherished Holiday Homes remains dedicated to providing an exceptional user experience, fostering strong relationships with property owners, and expanding its reach in the holiday home industry.

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Page visits increasing consistently by over 100% each year
Property owners managed exceed 1000 and growing
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Regularly attract 30,000+ website users each month

A Word From The Client



In the years since our formation, Cherished Holiday Homes have managed to redefine what is possible at home in the UK holiday rental market. By creating an engaging platform and economy for the thousand’s rental owners, Cherished Holiday Homes have built a community where owners and guests connect with the click of a button, making it easier for anyone to enjoy the pleasure of staying in or owning, a private holiday home. Our growth was only possible because of the support, dedication, and expertise of Ben and the team. We partnered with GSL in 2017 and engaged them to work with us on a 3-year plan. Working to our budget and timescale, GSL planned, designed, and developed a technically complex website that now consistently competes above and beyond our competitors. We now regularly attract 30,000+ website users each month. The team at GSL Media are passionate about what they do, and the enthusiasm and professionalism of their knowledgeable personal are what distinguishes them as one of the best business partners we have worked with.

Thank you GSL Media.

Lesley Ainsworth

Managing Director


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