China Fleet Country Club

China Fleet is one of the South West’s leading country clubs. The club offers facilities in health, leisure, golf, dining, spa and other events

The Challenge.

GSL was approached by MyKreative (a design and marketing agency) to assist with website development. This included the migration of the local country club China Fleet to WordPress. China Fleet, a renowned leisure and golf resort, faced significant challenges with their outdated website. The existing design lacked a modern appeal and failed to provide an intuitive user experience. The navigation was cumbersome, hindering users from easily accessing information and booking services. Additionally, the website lacked comprehensive functionality and engagement features, leading to decreased user interaction and limited customer conversions. China Fleet recognised the urgent need for a website overhaul to revitalise their digital presence and attract more visitors.

The Solution.

China Fleet, a prominent leisure and golf resort in the UK, underwent a comprehensive redevelopment to address the challenges posed by their outdated website. GSL & MyKreative worked closely with the client to develop visually appealing and user-friendly features that would enhance the overall experience for visitors. The solutions implemented included a revamped header and footer design, improved navigation and menu structure, a modern website design inspired by industry-leading examples, integration with booking platforms, robust search functionality, and customized enquiry forms and submission process.

The website design aimed to create a modern and visually appealing experience for users. Each club section was given a unique identity, tailored to complement its respective sector. The content was divided into specific sections with a balanced combination of relevant images, catering to the increasing mobile traffic.

Integration with booking platforms, specifically ESP and, streamlined the booking process, allowing users to seamlessly book accommodations, golf packages, and other services directly through the website. The booking process opened in separate tabs, ensuring accessibility and a smooth user experience.

With these enhancements, China Fleet successfully transformed its website into a modern, user-friendly platform, improving customer engagement and driving conversions. The custom video slider on the home page, showcasing motion banners depicting key sectors, added a dynamic and captivating element to the user experience. The comprehensive solution not only addressed the challenges faced by China Fleet but also positioned them as a leader in the leisure and golf resort industry, attracting more visitors and establishing a stronger digital presence.

The Results.

The revamped website successfully addressed the challenges faced by China Fleet and resulted in significant improvements in customer engagement and digital presence. The modern design, intuitive navigation, and comprehensive functionality enhanced the user experience and increased user interactions. The integration with ESP and streamlined the booking process, making it seamless and convenient for users. The implementation of a robust search system allowed users to find information quickly and easily. Overall, the website transformation positioned China Fleet as a leader in the leisure and golf resort industry, attracting more visitors and driving customer conversions.



A Word From The Client



GSL Media are a great team, they were on hand every step of the way throughout the process of moving our web site to word press, really enjoyed working with them and look forward to working together in the future. Thanks for all your help GSL Media!

Debbie Lyons

Sales & Marketing Manager


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