DC Lane

Real estate agency in Plymouth, England

The Challenge.

DC Lane were looking to develop a new website and seeking an external agency to devise a new solution that can be edited in an intuitive way by The DC Lane internal team. The previous solution was built via Technic Web which was a frustrating system for the team due to the lack of flexibility in both editing and SEO control. There was, however, longevity in the old website regarding the exposure behind the domain and its SEO ranking, so an important consideration was to retain that data during the generation of a new site.

The Solution.

GSL worked with a wireframe provided by the team at DC Lane it was clear that the website offered a nice representation of the brand and the colours worked well. The website needed more in terms of presentation and CTA’s (call to actions) that drive key sectors of the company such as presentational content, news, and user enquiries. The website can now be used to showcase the latest technologies that the company are using as well as portraying the professionalism and experience of the company in the property sector.

The new website was built on a WordPress platform with the use of integration tools into Alto for property management. As DC Lane continues to grow virtually, the solution offers the flexibility needed, as well as easy management and content editing. The new site is graphically rich and has an engaging and simple user experience with clearly defined customer journeys from arrival on the site. This then needs to direct users to the correct places including receiving exciting and informative information, searching of properties, specialist investor sourcing, legislation information, valuation tools, property calculators, and a transparent linkage to both social and property tools.

The Results.

Since the launch of the new website developed by GSL, DC Lane has experienced significant positive outcomes in terms of their online presence, search engine ranking, and overall business performance. The implementation of the new website has resulted in improved visibility on Google, with the website now consistently appearing on the first page of search results for relevant keywords and phrases. This increased visibility has played a crucial role in attracting a larger number of visitors to the website./

The impact on visitor numbers has been remarkable, with a dramatic increase in website traffic since the launch of the new site. DC Lane has observed a substantial surge in the number of visitors accessing their website, indicating a significant improvement in online visibility and increased brand exposure. The enhanced presentation, intuitive user experience, and engaging content have successfully captivated visitors and encouraged them to explore the various sections of the website.

The success of the new website can also be attributed to the implementation of a WordPress platform, which offers DC Lane’s internal team the flexibility and ease of content management they desired. The integration of property management tools into Alto has further streamlined processes, enabling efficient property showcasing and management on the website. This combination of user-friendly backend management and a visually appealing frontend has resulted in a graphically rich and engaging website that effectively highlights the latest technologies used by DC Lane, while conveying professionalism and expertise in the property sector.

A Word From The Client



We were in dire need of a new website that could effectively showcase our properties and provide a seamless experience to our clients. We are thrilled with the outcome of our collaboration with the team at GSL Media. They listened attentively to our needs, worked closely with us to develop a website that perfectly reflects our brand, and delivered a website that exceeded our expectations. The website is not only visually appealing, but also user-friendly and easy to navigate. Our clients have been impressed with the website’s speed and responsiveness, and we have received nothing but positive feedback since its launch.

Dan Collier



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