Done Right Driveways

A thorough overhaul project aimed at developing a visually captivating, intuitive, and adaptive website that clearly showcases Done Right Driveway’s services and expertise.

The Challenge.

Done Right Driveways approached GSL Media with the goal of constructing a comprehensive website overhaul that would serve as a distinctive, presentational, and informational platform for their company to showcase their extensive service offering and growing portfolio.

The client underlined the necessity of responsive design across all devices, optimised website speed, dependable UK hosting, full on-site SEO implementation, user-friendly journeys, powerful CTAs, visually appealing design, improved website security, and GDPR compliance.

In addition, the client wanted consistent branding, as well as rich, unique imagery and videos, to boost their professional online presence.

The Solution.

To address the challenges presented by Done Right Driveways, GSL Media adopted a meticulous approach to website development and design. We began by developing a fully responsive WordPress website that adapts seamlessly from desktop to mobile, ensuring optimal user experience across all devices. The website was optimised for speed and hosted on reliable UK hosting with GSL’s unique WordPress configuration.

For on-site SEO, we implemented comprehensive strategies on every informational and post page using Yoast SEO. This ensured optimal search engine visibility, and we transferred existing SEO data for minimal disruption while retaining URL paths where possible.

In terms of design, we implemented an above-the-fold layout to maintain consistent banner lines across all devices and incorporated strong CTAs and visually engaging content to guide users effectively through the website. The design carefully adheres to the client’s branding guidelines, we utilised company fonts, logo, and colours to create a cohesive brand identity. Furthermore, a rich blend of bespoke imagery and videos captured by Sean (White Lane Media) were incorporated across all pages to enhance visual appeal and convey the quality of the Done Right Driveways services.

The Results.

The collaboration between GSL Media and Done Right Driveways culminated in the successful launch of a dynamic, user-friendly WordPress website that met all client requirements and exceeded expectations. The website is fully responsive, delivering an optimal user experience across all devices. With improved website speed and performance backed by reliable UK hosting, the site offers enhanced on-site SEO with Yoast integration, leading to improved search engine visibility.

The robust WordPress admin area provides advanced features for easy content management and user tracking, contributing to a seamless user experience. The visually appealing design, strong CTAs, and engaging content effectively guide users to relevant information, resulting in increased user engagement and interaction.

Consistent branding elements and rich, bespoke imagery and videos create a cohesive and professional brand presence, reflecting the established and professional nature of the Done Right Driveways. GSL Media is proud to have partnered with Done Right Driveways on this project and looks forward to continued collaboration and success in the future.

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