Future Industrial

A range of Waste Management and specialised Industrial Services

The Challenge.

GSL were tasked for a brand new website design and development for Future Industrial . The key challenege was to establish a strong online presence and effectively promote their services. With the increasing significance of digital platforms in today’s business landscape, a new website was deemed essential to enhance their online visibility and provide a centralised platform for engaging with customers. The challenge extended beyond mere online presence, as the new website needed to align with Future Industrial’s brand identity and effectively convey vital information to their customers. Clear and well-structured layouts were imperative to ensure easy navigation and accessibility, while aesthetically pleasing design elements were required to create a positive and impactful visual impression.

The Solution.

In order to address the challenges faced by Future Industrial, we embarked on a comprehensive approach that encompassed a new design and a clear vision for the site map. Our goal was to refine the customer experience by creating key areas of information and ensuring that the website was visually appealing and engaging. The new site map was designed to prioritise essential areas of information and streamline navigation for visitors. By identifying the most important aspects of Future Industrial’s products, services, and expertise, we strategically placed them within the site structure to ensure easy access and quick comprehension for users.
To enhance the overall visual appeal and break up lengthy text sections, we incorporated imagery and graphics throughout the website. This not only made the content more visually engaging but also helped convey complex information in a more digestible format. High-quality images and graphics relevant to Future Industrial’s industry were carefully selected and placed strategically to complement the text and reinforce key messages. We also focused on creating visually appealing key areas of information. This approach enhanced the user experience by guiding users to the most relevant and valuable information, increasing their engagement and understanding of Future Industrial’s offerings.

The Results.

Throughout the design and build process, we conducted thorough usability testing and gathered feedback from both Future Industrial and selected users. This allowed us to fine-tune the design, optimise the user experience, and address any potential usability issues.
By implementing a new design and clear vision for the site map, we successfully refined the customer experience on Future Industrial’s website. The strategic placement of information, the use of imagery and graphics, and the visually appealing design all contributed to a website that not only conveyed important information effectively but also captivated and engaged visitors. The result was an improved user experience, increased time spent on the site, and a stronger connection between Future Industrial and their customers.

A Word From The Client



We are extremely happy with the fantastic new website developed by GSL. It has greatly improved our online presence, making it much easier to find the information we need. The beautiful visuals and user-friendly layout have exceeded our expectations. Thank you, GSL, for your excellent work!


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