Refreshed website and comprehensive online portal for its members

The Challenge.

ILD-IN is a dynamic network dedicated to serving as an valuable resource for healthcare professionals specialising in Interstitial Lung Diseases (ILD). The organisation is deeply committed to advancing research, education, and best practices in the diagnosis and management of these complex lung disorders. Recognising the pivotal role that technology plays in facilitating collaboration and knowledge-sharing, ILD-IN sought the expertise of GSL as an external portal development agency.

Faced with the imperative of creating a refreshed website and comprehensive online portal for its members, ILD-IN engaged GSL’s adept team to bring this vision to fruition. The requirements included the presentation of a member signup/ log in area, gated resources, and effective conference event management.

GSL needed to not only refresh the existing website but to innovate and enhance the functionality of the member portal. GSL’s role extended beyond mere design; it involved a strategic approach to enhance the overall user experience. Working closely with the ILD-IN team, GSL focused on optimising the user experience by implementing clear navigation pathways and strategically placed call-to-action points. The objective was to empower users to seamlessly access the resources and information they sought.

The Solution.

ILD-IN required an update to the website which included much greater functionality, control and ownership. Changes to improve the website included a member’s portal and resources section that was both easy to manage and offered informative and useful documentation to the members.

GSL worked to craft a new design into the WordPress framework which effectively incorporates the ILD-IN branding whilst bringing the website up to date. The site has a range of informational pages that have been repositioned into modern and concise layouts. These are now intuitive and east to navigate, manage and update from a client perspective, with a logical UX route for member signup and for users to access conference information and invaluable resources. Gated content encourages users to sign up, offering a snapshot of what is available to members, whilst conditional settings and enhanced security ensures that member-only content is only accessible to members.

The Results.

The outcome of this collaboration is more than just a visually appealing website; it’s a sophisticated member portal that aligns seamlessly with ILD-IN’s mission. GSL’s innovative approach ensures that healthcare professionals navigating the platform encounter an intuitive and efficient experience, ultimately contributing to ILD-IN’s overarching goals of advancing research, promoting education, and facilitating best practices in the diagnosis and management of Interstitial Lung Diseases.

A Word From The Client



The team at GSL Media have been outstanding to work with. We had an initial meeting where we discussed our needs and budget. Ben was brilliant at understanding the brief and summarising to ensure we were all in agreement. The development of the new website was very quick and Alice was brilliant at highlighting the tasks assigned to us and keeping us updated throughout the development. The new website is fantastic and feedback from users has been brilliant. We would recommend GSL Media without hesitation.

Naqvi Marium


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