John Grimes Partnership

Innovative Civil, Structural, Geotechnical & Environmental Engineering consultancy

The Challenge.

John Grimes Partnership is a Civil, Structural, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering consultancy based near Plymouth. JGP offer a diverse range of services to the commercial and industrial sectors.

GSL Media were approached to redesign JGP’s website, originally created in the early 90’s. The website was considerably out of date and did not perform to the required standard.

The Solution.

JGP had created a new logo and wanted their website developed to compliment this. JGP provided strong style examples that GSL had to adhere to. Following the companies’ instruction GSL were able to guide them and create a new site that JGP and their clients were particularly impressed with. The site needed to contain vast amounts of PDF data which was included without confusion to the pages. A rotating carousel was also developed on the relevant pages holding the specific documents for that content area. The whole solution was created in such a way that JGP will confidently be able to manage their documents within each area.

The Results.

The JGP website project yielded exceptional results, leaving a lasting impact on the organisation’s online presence and user experience. The redesigned website prioritises user experience, resulting in improved navigation, intuitive interface, and streamlined content presentation. Visitors to the website now have an intuitive and user-friendly experience, finding information easily and engaging with JGP’s offerings more effectively. JGP have attracted a significant increase in traffic, demonstrating its improved visibility and appeal to the target audience. Through a combination of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, responsive design, and engaging content, the website now ranks higher in search engine results, driving more organic traffic to JGP’s online platform.

A Word From The Client



The GSL team’s expertise and dedication in revamping our website exceeded our expectations, resulting in increased traffic, improved user experience, and a stronger brand image. Their collaborative approach and attention to detail made the entire process seamless, and we are thrilled with the exceptional results achieved.

Tim Grimes

Company Director


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