Plymouth Performance Gym

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The Challenge.

Plymouth Performance Gym, a prominent fitness facility in the Southwest, recognised the need for a comprehensive website upgrade to align with their new premises and strategic direction. The previous website had become outdated and failed to effectively showcase the gym’s offerings, hindering their ability to attract and retain customers. Additionally, the website’s poor search engine rankings and limited online visibility posed a significant challenge in reaching their target audience and competing with other fitness establishments in the region.

The Solution.

To address these challenges, Plymouth Performance Gym engaged GSL Media as their digital partner. The first step was a complete website overhaul, focusing on revitalising the design and improving the user experience. GSL Media worked closely with the gym’s team to develop new page layouts that featured a dynamic and engaging design. The incorporation of the gym’s core branded colours and crisp images of people working out created an immersive and visually appealing website. The new layout was designed to be easy to navigate, with information presented in clear sections, enabling users to quickly find the desired content. Encouraging phrases and strategically placed content were also implemented to entice users to explore more about the gym and submit membership inquiries.

In addition to the website redesign, GSL Media recognised the significance of search engine optimisation (SEO) in boosting online visibility and organic rankings. They conducted comprehensive keyword research to identify relevant terms and phrases that potential customers would use to find fitness facilities in the area. GSL Media optimised various on-page elements, including meta tags, headings, and content, to align with the identified keywords. They also implemented technical SEO strategies, such as improving website loading speed and mobile responsiveness, to enhance user experience and search engine performance. Furthermore, GSL Media developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that encompassed digital marketing campaigns, social media engagement, and email marketing to promote the gym and drive growth.

The Results.

The collaboration between Plymouth Performance Gym and GSL Media yielded impressive results. The new website, with its dynamic design and intuitive navigation, significantly improved the gym’s online presence. As a result of the enhanced SEO efforts, the website experienced a substantial increase in organic search rankings, leading to greater visibility and exposure to potential customers. The implementation of a comprehensive marketing strategy further amplified the gym’s growth. Through targeted digital marketing campaigns, social media engagement, and email marketing, Plymouth Performance Gym attracted a larger audience and converted leads into paying members.

The collective efforts of GSL Media and Plymouth Performance Gym resulted in notable business growth. The gym experienced a significant increase in website traffic, generating more leads and membership inquiries. The enhanced online visibility and improved search rankings positioned the gym as a top choice among fitness enthusiasts in the area. With a solid marketing strategy in place, Plymouth Performance Gym successfully expanded its customer base and solidified its reputation as a leading fitness facility in the Southwest.


A Word From The Client



I am incredibly grateful for the outstanding work done by GSL Media in transforming our online presence. As Plymouth Performance Gym underwent significant changes, including a new premises and strategic focus, we needed a website that could truly reflect our brand and attract customers. GSL Media took on this challenge with unwavering dedication and expertise.

The results speak for themselves. Our new website is not only visually captivating but also user-friendly, allowing visitors to easily navigate and explore our services. The incorporation of our core branded colours and compelling imagery has made a lasting impression on our audience. But it didn’t stop there. GSL Media went above and beyond to optimise our website for search engines, ensuring that we rank higher in organic search results. This has significantly boosted our online visibility and brought in a steady stream of interested customers.

Will Badenoch

Gym Owner


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