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The Challenge.

Real Ideas, a dynamic organisation, faced several challenges in managing their organisational memberships and streamlining the booking process for their members. The existing WordPress system lacked efficiency, also there were delayed responses and long timeframes. Real Ideas expressed frustration with the cumbersome processes and limited functionality, leading to decreased member satisfaction. The company recognised the need for a comprehensive solution that could address these challenges and improve the overall membership experience.

The Solution.

Real Ideas partnered with GSL, a leading provider of membership management and booking solutions, to revamp their system. GSL worked closely with Real Ideas to understand their specific requirements and implemented a tailored solution to address the challenges faced. Below are a handful of the implementation GSL has worked on.

GSL expanded the membership area navigation by introducing a dedicated Organisations section. This new section provided members with a user-friendly interface to enquire about, manage, and view their organisational memberships. Members could easily browse through a directory of organisations and explore various membership options available to them. An embedded HubSpot form was incorporated, allowing members to conveniently submit their membership enquiries and receive prompt responses.

The team also devised a system within the organisational custom post type (CPT) to manage paid seats, membership levels, and credit amounts. Real Ideas gained the capability to add and modify seats in the WordPress backend, allowing for easy seat upgrades or downgrades to different membership levels. Each seat was associated with a specific membership level and had its own credit allocation..

GSL introduced the ability for members to book multiple spaces in one go. A dynamic “basket” was implemented on the space page, allowing members to add and remove bookings. The basket displayed a breakdown of costs for each booking and a total cost. Members could proceed to checkout with a single booking or multiple bookings, streamlining the process. To ensure booking availability, GSL implemented a final check during checkout, promptly informing members if any selected bookings became unavailable during the process.

Utilising the Xero API, GSL implemented an automated invoice generation system for monthly subscriptions, credit purchases, and sign-up initial payments. Invoices were generated with metadata/line items to describe the purchase details accurately. GSL ensured seamless integration with Stripe, reconciling Xero invoices upon successful payment. Invoices were generated in advance of subscription payments, guaranteeing a smooth billing process. The transition from the old system to the new system was carefully managed to minimize disruption.

The Results.

The collaboration between Real Ideas and GSL has resulted in a highly successful partnership, driving continuous improvements to the membership management, and booking system. The implemented enhancements have had a significant impact on Real Ideas’ members, leading to increased satisfaction and a substantial growth in the user base.

The streamlined navigation, simplified enquiry processes, and efficient organizational management system have transformed the member experience. Members now enjoy a user-friendly interface, quick responses, and easy access to relevant information. The flexibility in managing organisational membership seats has allowed Real Ideas to offer tailored options, attracting new organizations and driving user growth. The intuitive design and timely support have further contributed to improved member engagement and overall satisfaction.

The ongoing collaboration between Real Ideas and GSL ensures that the membership system remains at the forefront of technology and continues to meet the evolving needs of the organization and its members. The success of the partnership showcases the positive impact that effective membership management and booking solutions can have, resulting in a thriving and engaged community within Real Ideas.

A Word From The Client



Working with GSL on our membership management and booking system has been a game-changer for Real Ideas. The team at GSL understood our challenges and delivered an exceptional solution that has exceeded our expectations.

The improvements made to the system have had a profound impact on our members. The user-friendly interface, efficient organizational management, and streamlined booking process have significantly enhanced their experience. Our members now have quick access to information, simplified processes, and prompt support, resulting in increased satisfaction and engagement.

The partnership with GSL has not only resolved our existing issues but also opened doors to growth. The system’s scalability and flexibility have allowed us to attract more organisations and expand our user base. The ongoing collaboration ensures that we stay ahead of the curve, providing our members with cutting-edge technology and an exceptional membership experience.

I highly recommend GSL to any organisation seeking digital transformation and efficient membership management solutions. Their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to our success have been invaluable. We look forward to continuing our partnership and driving further innovation together

Lee Dyer
Digital Transformation Lead


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