St Margaret's Holiday Park

St. Margaret’s park offers a choice of quality holiday accommodation set in the heart of Cornwall.

The Challenge.

St. Margaret’s Holiday Park, a longstanding client of GSL Media, recognised the need to modernise their online presence and develop a website that aligned with the expectations of their target audience. Their existing website was outdated and lacked responsive capabilities, hindering user experience, and limiting their online visibility. Additionally, they desired a platform that would allow them to easily make regular updates while maintaining consistency and familiarity for their loyal customers. To achieve these goals, they required a comprehensive website redesign and a strategic marketing approach to increase their visitor numbers.

The Solution.

GSL Media collaborated closely with St. Margaret’s Holiday Park to address their challenges and devise a solution that would meet their unique requirements. The first step was to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website with responsive design, ensuring a seamless browsing experience across various devices. A forward-thinking and attractive design with engaging graphics and imagery was implemented to capture the attention of their key demographic and reflect the park’s appealing features.

To facilitate easy management of the website, GSL Media integrated a content management system (CMS) that empowered St. Margaret’s team to make regular updates and modifications effortlessly. This ensured that the website remained fresh and up-to-date, keeping customers informed about available rooms and properties.

In addition, GSL Media recognised the significance of high-quality imagery in promoting the park’s scenic location and attracting visitors. They conducted a photography shoot to capture captivating images, which were utilised not only on the website but also in other promotional materials. These visually appealing images showcased the stunning surroundings of St. Margaret’s Park and contributed to driving more visitors to the website.

To complement the website redesign, GSL Media developed an overall marketing strategy for St. Margaret’s Holiday Park. This included leveraging various digital marketing channels, such as search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, and online advertising, to increase their online visibility, reach a wider audience, and drive targeted traffic to the website.

The Results.

The collaboration between GSL Media and St. Margaret’s Holiday Park resulted in a highly successful website redesign and strategic marketing campaign, delivering substantial outcomes for the client. The new website featured an attractive and modern design, with user-friendly navigation and engaging visuals that resonated with their target audience. The implementation of responsive design ensured a seamless user experience across different devices, allowing visitors to browse and make bookings with ease.

The website’s enhanced functionality and visually appealing content contributed to a significant increase in visitor numbers. With improved online visibility, St. Margaret’s Holiday Park experienced higher organic search rankings and increased website traffic. The integration of a comprehensive marketing strategy, including SEO, social media marketing, and online advertising, further boosted their online presence, attracting a broader audience and driving targeted traffic to the website.

Overall, the collaboration with GSL Media led to a successful digital transformation for St. Margaret’s Holiday Park. The revamped website, supported by an effective marketing strategy and captivating visuals, resulted in increased visitor numbers, improved online visibility, and a strengthened position as a premier holiday destination.

Promotional Video

In the promotional video section, GSL took on the task of creating and editing a captivating video that showcases the breath-taking grounds and cosy lodges of St. Margaret’s Holiday Park. Through expert video production techniques, stunning aerial shots, and carefully crafted footage, the video beautifully captures the natural beauty and serene atmosphere of the park. The seamless editing, accompanied with background music, immerses viewers in the tranquil surroundings and highlights the exceptional accommodations available. The video serves as an enticing glimpse into the unforgettable experience that awaits guests at St. Margaret’s Holiday Park, thanks to GSL’s skilful video creation and editing expertise.

Integration into Anytime Booking:

To enhance St. Margaret’s Holiday Park’s booking process and provide a seamless user experience, GSL Media integrated the website with the Anytime Booking platform. This integration allowed visitors to make bookings directly through the website, eliminating the need for customers to navigate to a separate booking platform.

By seamlessly integrating the booking functionality into the website, GSL Media ensured a cohesive and streamlined experience for users. Visitors could easily explore the available rooms and properties, check availability, and proceed with their bookings—all within the same interface. This integration not only simplified the booking process but also reduced the risk of potential drop-offs or distractions that could occur when redirecting users to an external booking platform.

The integration with Anytime Booking also facilitated efficient management of bookings for the St. Margaret’s team. They gained access to a centralised dashboard where they could view and manage reservations, update availability, and communicate with guests. This seamless integration into Anytime Booking ensured a more organised and streamlined booking management process for the park’s staff, allowing them to deliver exceptional customer service.

With the integration into Anytime Booking, St. Margaret’s Holiday Park successfully transformed their website into a comprehensive platform that catered to all aspects of the customer journey—from browsing available options to making bookings. The seamless integration streamlined the booking process, resulting in increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and ultimately, a boost in revenue for the park.

A Word From The Client



As a long-standing client of GSL Media, I knew they were the right partner for our holiday park. The challenge was to develop a new website that not only looked attractive but also provided a user-friendly booking experience. GSL Media delivered beyond our expectations with their expertise and attention to detail.

The website they created for us is visually appealing with fun graphics and images that perfectly resonate with our target demographic. The integration of our company video as a backdrop on the home page adds a captivating touch. The website showcases each property within the park, allowing visitors to easily explore descriptions, images, and availability. The intuitive booking process ensures a seamless experience for our guests, increasing customer satisfaction.

GSL Media created a visually stunning website. I highly recommend GSL Media for their exceptional talent, professionalism, and commitment to delivering outstanding results.

Ashley Mynard



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