St. Margaret’s Holiday Park
Informational Website

St Margaret’s Holiday Park have been a long-standing client of GSL Media. The time had come to bring the company into the modern age and develop a new style in with responsive capabilities.

We knew that it was important that the client could make regular changes to their pages. They also needed to keep all the existing elements in a similar style so their regular customers didn’t get confused. Finally, they wanted a professional easy-to-navigate display for each room and each property.

We created an incredibly forward thinking, attractive website with fun graphics and images to hit the key demographic. The website also features the company video as a backdrop to the home page.

Each property within the park has its own page including description and imagery. Users can view current and future availability and follow the process to make a booking with ease.

Recently GSL were invited to carry out a photography shoot to update some of the imagery both for the website and also other promotional materials. This was great fun and the images depict the stunning location of St. Margarets Park and work perfectly on the website. High-quality images are very important for business and to make use of on websites as it helps to drive more visitors, promote social sharing and ultimately drive business goals.