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Magento is widely considered the most trustworthy ecommerce software platform on the market. That’s why we’ve concentrated on doing it properly.

Magento Developers

Need an ecommerce website that will grow and evolve with your business? Choose flexible, powerful and user-friendly software. Choose Magento.

What we think

Magento is so popular because of it’s flexibility and ability to grow with your business. Your business might start off on a small scale, but you may have plans to grow. Magento can expand with your business. Its high conversion rates are highly dependable, and its attractive build and wealth of customisation options are outstanding. The bolt on features, ensure that you avoid any development and design costs as your site continues to grow and develop. By choosing Magento, you are investing in a website that will remain practical even when your business gathers momentum.

What we do

Building a Magento website that ticks all the boxes, requires careful planning so we need to:

  • create project milestones and identify individual tasks
  • list your specific requirements
  • start to think about the structural design of your website


Once we’ve all agreed on a time-frame our designers can start fuelling their creativity. Concentrating on producing a striking and unique design that offers complete ease of use and showcases your company’s individual style we will:

  • hold a meeting to determine what you like and what you don’t
  • look at your existing branding and decide how we could improve it to make it work on the web
  • apply our design ideas to the functionality of your website, making sure that usability is never affected

Coding and development

Our team of Magento-certified skilled developers are vital at this stage of the project. They take our designers’ ideas and shape them into a working website using the latest development and a suite of Magento’s impressive add-on features by:

  • performing safe, secure version control
  • arranging the setup and initialising features and functions
  • applying your chosen designs
  • integrating third party systems and importing data where required


This is the critical bit, where your website is put through a range of extensive tests to ensure it’s totally free of any bugs and ready for your customers to commence shopping. To thoroughly test your site, we:

  • run comprehensive functionality tests
  • complete user acceptance testing (UAT) and the necessary documentation
  • fix any bugs that are exposed
  • approve the project – it’s ready to go live!


How would you like to launch your project, you might just want to quietly drift your new website out into the sea of ecommerce, or you may prefer to promote it with a launch party? Whatever you decide, we’ll make sure you’re well equipped to manage the website yourself by delivering a full training session and offering ongoing support packages. Then you can eagerly await the thrill of your first sale! We’re on hand to take care of:

  • dependable, trustworthy hosting
  • ongoing development assistance
  • any further training you require

What’s happening?

Is it looking like the prime time to take your sales online? It could be that your existing online shop just isn’t delivering the kinds of leads and conversions that you’d hoped for. Or perhaps you’ve been trading on other online marketplaces and you’re ready to go it alone.

Whatever stage you’re at, we’ll focus on your product, customers and current sales methods to pinpoint exactly how Magento should look in your environment. With a blend of creative nouse and practical application, we’ll produce an eCommerce presence that’s designed to have a huge impact on that all-important bottom line.