Drakes Jewellers

Website Design & Development

The Challenge.

Established in 1950, Drakes Jewellers Plymouth is an independent family owned jeweller offering the finest wedding, diamond and engagement jewellery, watches and gifts. MyKreative (Design & Marketing Agency), approached GSL to work on a new website, launching a new online store and completely bespoke customer integrated functionality.

Drakes Jewellers, faced the challenge of an outdated website that failed to meet the expectations of modern customers. The existing site suffered from navigational complexities and had a narrow layout, limiting its visual appeal and user experience. Drakes Jewellers sought a solution to revamp their online presence, improve the user journey, and boost conversions, while maintaining a focus on their in-store sales.

The Solution.

In collaboration GSL & Mykreative, Drakes Jewellers embarked on a comprehensive website transformation project. The homepage was redesigned to create a captivating first impression and prominently showcase the wide range of products available for purchase. The new design incorporated high-quality visuals and an intuitive navigational menu.

The user journey was carefully optimised to guide customers effortlessly through product categories, ensuring an easy and engaging shopping experience. Emphasis was placed on enabling customers to navigate back to relevant sections and explore related products, with the goal of driving conversions and inquiries.

A dedicated section was developed to showcase the in-store experience, offering videos and detailed information that instilled confidence and conveyed the authenticity of Drakes Jewellers’ offerings. The category listings within this section were designed to be visually appealing, highlighting the unique and prestigious in-store products.

A custom account feature is built into WordPress that allows online users to have complex, multiple wish lists that can be accessed in store by staff at any time. There is also a unique profiling system that allows the Drakes team to create individual profiles for their customers in store. These profiles include customer measurements, likes and dislikes ext. The information is stored against a unique account which can be accessed by the customer online via their login. Relatives or friends can also ask for the Drakes staff to check user details to ensure they are buying the correct gift. The system contains a secure database that can access this information for cross marketing and promotions. Most importantly the system is simplistic to use and training for new staff members is provided in house.

The Results.

The website transformation yielded significant improvements for Drakes Jewellers. The revamped site provided a visually appealing and modern online presence, capturing the attention of customers from the moment they landed on the homepage. The streamlined user journey enabled seamless navigation, ensuring customers could easily find and explore products of interest. As a result, customer engagement increased, leading to a rise in conversions and enquiries.

Furthermore, the focus on enhancing the in-store experience through dedicated sections on the website helped solidify Drakes Jewellers’ reputation and build trust among potential customers. The combination of improved online shopping features and the continued emphasis on in-store excellence positioned Drakes Jewellers as a leader in the jewellery industry, both online and offline.

Overall, the website transformation successfully brought Drakes Jewellers into the modern age, aligning their digital presence with their prestigious brand and customer expectations.

A Word From The Client



After ongoing issues with our previous website, GSL Media created us a brand-new website which did exactly what we wanted it to. The team were extremely helpful, and nothing was too much trouble. We now have a website that is easy to use and really showcases our brand. Thank you.

Nicola Price

Marketing Manager


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