Magento Two Custom Development

The Challenge.

GSL faced a significant challenge when approached by, a leading UK-based furniture supplier. The existing Magento 1-based website suffered from technical debt and multiple functionality issues.

Upon initial assessment, GSL identified a range of technical debt and malfunctions within the website. Additionally, inconsistencies and confusion resulted from previous development efforts, hampering visitors’ browsing experience. The website’s performance suffered, leading to a decline in conversion rates.

To address these challenges, GSL embarked on a comprehensive project that involved migrating the Magento 1 website to their platform. GSL also facilitated the domain change from the previous domain to to, ensuring a seamless transition for the brand.

The Solution.

GSL devised a comprehensive plan to address the technical debt and restore the website to its optimal state. The team adopted a systematic approach to overcome the challenges. In collaboration with the client, GSL conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing website, identifying areas requiring immediate attention. This involved a thorough examination of the codebase, database, and overall architecture.

GSL initiated a domain migration from to, ensuring a smooth transition while preserving the brand’s identity. Simultaneously, they tackled the accumulated technical debt that had plagued the website, hindered it’s functionality and causing performance bottlenecks. meticulous steps were taken to optimise the website’s underlying code, significantly improving its performance. Through rigorous testing methodologies and careful optimisation, they made the site run extremely fast, enhancing user satisfaction, and reducing bounce rates.

Understanding the importance of customer convenience, GSL implemented a pre-ordering system on This feature allowed customers to place orders for upcoming products, complete with expected delivery dates. Additionally, GSL incorporated a free shipping option for pre-orders, incentivising customers and boosting sales.

To streamline inventory management, GSL developed a seamless integration between’s website and their ERP supply software. This integration automated stock due dates, ensuring accurate information and saving time for both the business and its customers. Real-time updates on stock availability and due dates enabled a more efficient purchasing process.

The Results.

Through GSL’s comprehensive efforts, witnessed a remarkable transformation. The technical debt was eliminated, resulting in enhanced functionality and an improved user experience. The website’s optimised performance and fast loading times captivated customers and encouraged them to explore and purchase products.

The collaboration between GSL and resulted in remarkable improvements in the website’s performance, functionality, and user experience. Through meticulous planning, technical expertise, and seamless integration of innovative features, GSL successfully revitalised, leading to tangible business outcomes.

One of the notable achievements was the significant increase in orders placed through the website. The implementation of the pre-ordering system, coupled with the enticing offer of free shipping on those orders, generated excitement among customers. The convenience of reserving upcoming products and having clear delivery dates attracted more visitors and encouraged them to convert into paying customers. This surge in orders directly translated into a substantial boost in sales volume for

In addition to increased orders, the website witnessed a significant rise in visitor engagement. The optimised performance and fast loading times created a seamless browsing experience, capturing visitors’ attention and encouraging them to explore the extensive product catalogue. The improved user experience, combined with the streamlined purchasing process, resulted in higher customer satisfaction, and increased visitor retention.

A Word From The Client



I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to GSL for their outstanding work on transforming The expertise and dedication displayed by the team have surpassed all expectations.

GSL’s comprehensive plan addressed our technical debt and revitalized our website, resulting in remarkable improvements. The migration to their platform, along with the domain change, was seamless and preserved our brand identity flawlessly.

The optimisation efforts made by GSL have significantly enhanced our website’s performance, making it faster than ever before. This, in turn, has led to a substantial increase in orders and visitor engagement. We have seen a notable boost in sales volume and customer satisfaction.

David Lutwyche

Marketing Manager


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