New Motion Labs

A new website with cutting-edge presentation to highlight Motion Labs deluxe product & service offering

The Challenge.

Motion Labs create chain drive technology that disrupts the entire markets for cycling, micromobility and industrial applications. They needed the ability to expand their current website offering, with cutting-edge presentation that pulled them into the modern age.

The Solution.

GSL designed and developed a website with its own unique stamp that presents New Motion Labs and their range of products in a modern and intuitive format. The website is heavily influenced by imagery, helping to sell the deluxe values of the product & service offering.

GSL have created a modern aesthetic with an appropriate balance of imagery and text. Images are big and bold, with eye-catching features combining imagery and text. The inclusion of movement and animations throughout the site provide visual interest and help to convey a modern, premium brand message. GSL have developed a menu with visual drop-downs, incorporating imagery against sections to visually entice users to click through and draw them along the customer journey.

The Results.

The new Motion Labs website has retained its original page structure so as to not disrupt the URL structure. The design focuses on the existing brand dynamic and effectively and stylistically conveys their product and service offering. With a freshly considered user journey and experience, the site hits the target audience, allowing them to get to product quickly, interact with the website, find information and see products in action through the considered use of imagery and video content.

A Word From The Client



We are absolutely thrilled with the new website that GSL Media has created. From the initial planning stages to the final product, GSL Media was there every step of the way, offering their expert advice and guidance to ensure that the website was perfect. Not only is the site visually stunning, but it’s also incredibly user-friendly, making it easy for my audience to navigate and find exactly what they’re looking for.


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